Barks, Francis William (1907-1992) and Violet Isabella Alice Holdaway (1913-1990)


Francis William Barks (1907-1992) and Violet Isabella Alice Holdaway (1913-1990)

Francis William Barks (1907-1992)
Born in Nottingham in 1907
Miner in Norfolk
Joined the North Staffordshire Regiment in 1926
Posted to India in the late 1920s
Married in Madras in September 1933 Violet Isabella Alice Holdaway (1913-1990)
Transferred to Intelligence Corps 1939-40
Served as a Chindet in Burma against the Japanese.  At one time presumed missing, but finally returned home.
Lecturer in the Intelligence Corps
Served with the army in many countries around the world.
Francis and Violet had two children
Died in Newark 1992

Frank Herbert Barks (1935-2000)

Lorna Jean Barks (b.1939)



Franks Barks (on boat at left) Violet (back centre) and her brothers Herbert, (front left) and Billy (second from right)




The Barks family


Frank Herbert Barks with his uncle Herbert holding Derek Holdaway




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