Benns, Arthur Albert (1872-1939), and Maud Colquhoun (nee Henderson) (1877-1918)


Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939) and Maud Colquhoun (nee Henderson) (1877-1918)

Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939)
Son of George William Benns
Born in Bradwell on 16 April 1872
Arthur was orphaned at 7 and ran away from his aunt’s home at age 19 and joined the army (Rifle Brigade) and sailed to india on the ‘Euphrates’ on 17 February 1893. He transferred to the Indian Army in 1900
Married Maud Colquhoun (nee Henderson) (1877-1918) at St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 6 January 1904
Store Sergeant, Madras 1904
Sub-Conductor in 1898 and Conductor in 1913.
Arthur and Maud have five children
Took early retirement after the early death of his wife and brought his family home to Gorleston, Norfolk.
Arthur died in Great Yarmouth 29 January 1939


(I) Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983)
Born in Rangoon on 10 November 1904
Married Cyril George Wright (6.1.1905), in Gorleston 12 August 1930.
They had two children: Sheila Margaret Wright (b.18.8.1932) and Colin Wright (b.1 5.1935)
Blanche died in Gorleston, Norfolk, UK on 21 March 1983

 (II) Ellen Benns (1906-1908).
Born on 28 November 1906
Died on 11 September 1908 
Buried in St Andrew Church Cemetery, Madras (Row 18, grave 315)

(III) Winifred Agnes Benns (1910-2005)
Born in England on furlough on 29 September 1910
Married William Fleming in Gorleston on 15 September 1934
They had two children Peter Fleming (b.1935), born in Leamington Spa on 5 October 1935 who married Irene…. in Leamington Spa on 23 March 1957, they had one child Michell Fleming (b.1966) born on 14 June 1966
Died Leamington Spa on 26 October 2005

(IV) Jessie Benns (1913-1913)
Born in India 26 August 1913
Died in India 30 August 1913

(V) Muriel Lilian Benns(1914-2007)
Born in Madras on 10 October 1914
Married Harold Edward Greenacre (6.12.1912-15.1.1995) in Gorleston on 12 February 1938
Muriel and Harold had two children
(i) Margaret Elizabeth Greenacre (b.1941) (born 7 August 1941). Married Derek Gillibrand on 9 February 1963
(ii) Nicholas Greenacre (b.1944) (born on 31 May 1944)
Muriel died in Derby on 31 January 2007

Arthur died in Great Yarmouth on 29 January 1939


Arthur Albert Benns,(centre) Maud ‘Peggy’ Colquhoun, Maud Henderson, Alan Fulton Colquhoun, (on floor) Thomas Colquhoun and Arthur Frederick Colquhoun 


Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939) and Maud Colquhoun (nee Henderson) (1877-1918) with Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983)


(standing) Charles Henry Parsons (d.1962), Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1961), George Henry Crampton (1865-1941), Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939) (centre) Ada Parsons (b.1871) with Harry Parsons (b.1905), Emma Dady (1866-1908), Fulton Henderson (1833-1906), Isabella Leticia Henderson (1864-1941), Maud Benns (1877-1918) with Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983), (on floor) Anne Parsons (b.1903), Maud Peggy Colquhoun (1900-1975), Unknown, Thomas Colquhoun (1898-1945) 


(seated) Maud Benns (1877-1918), (on lap) Lilian Muriel Benns (1914-2007), Arthur Albert Benns  (1872-1939), (standing) Maud Colquhoun (1900-1975).
(front) Winifred Agnes Benn (1910-2005) and Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983)

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