Birch Susan (b.1948)

Susan Birch (taken 15-4-2011)

Susan Birch (b.1948)
Daughter of John Birth 1921-1948) and Aileen Cecilia Edwards (b.1916)
Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 10 December 1948.
Married (I) Peter David McIntosh (b.1948) in Perth, Western Australia on 24 December 1975. Peter was born in Norsemen, Western Australia on 23 May 1948. They had three children:

1.Matthew John McInosh (b.1981). Born in Queenstown, New Zealand on 10 April 1981 Married (i) Joanna Catherine Lister the daughter of Robert Alfred Lister and Jacqueline Doris  McPherson. Matthew and Joanna had a son Jayden Shaun McIntosh. Married (ii) Alana Yvette Green, Matthew and Alana had a son, Cash John McIntosh (b.2006). Born on 8 September 2006,
2. Alyssa McIntosh (twin, died)

3.Shaun Christopher
McIntosh(b.1983). Born in Gold Coast, Queensland on 27 April 1983, married Sherryanne …… 

Married (II) Christopher Derek Blake on 13 November 1993 

Married (III) Michael Meade


Susan Birch and Cheryl Linda Edwards

susan 4

Susan Birch with her cousins Lynne Maxine Edwards,
Cyril Trevor Edwards and Cheryl Linda Edwards



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