Maurice Arnold Crampton (1933-2005) and Rita Eggleton (b.1933)

Maurice Arnold Crampton (1933-2005)
Son of Frederick George Crampton (1901-1975) and Adele Farrow (1899-1993)
Born in India on 31 March 1933
Married Rita Eggleton (b.1933), born in Reading in 1933
Maurice and Rita had two children.
Maurice died in Longfield, Kent on 1st July 2005.


(I) Raymond Maurice Crampton (b.1955) born on 5 July 1955, British Military Hospital Tripoli, Libya married (i) Leslie Martin (b.1954), born Reading, Berkshire (ii) Vivien Gorton (b.1959) born 15 December 1959, San Francisco, USA. They had two children, (1) Bianca Marie Crampton (b.1984) born  6 March 1984 in Reading, Berkshire and (2) James Raymond Crampton (b.1985) born 28 September 1985 in San Francisco

(II) Malcolm John Crampton (b.1956) born on 2 December 1956 in Nottingham married Susan Rosemary Nairn (b.1955) Born 7 July 1955 in Reading, Berkshire.  They had three children (i) Gareth John Crampton (b.1980) born on 19 November 1980 in Reading, Berkshire (ii) Louise Anne Crampton (b.1982), born on 17 April 1982 in Reading Berkshire, (iii) Natalie Jane Crampton (b.1983) born 18 December 1983 in Reading, Berkshire. Natalie had a son Jack Liam Crampton (b.2002) born on 20 September 2002 in Reading, Berkshire


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