Frederick Dady and Letitia Cranfield (1828-1897)

Frederick Dady (b.c.1816)
Soldier – Sub-Conductor, Ordnance Depot.
Married in Chaplains Station, Madras on 21 September 1842 to Letitia Cranfield (1828-1897) who was aged 13
Frederick and Letitia had 9 children
Died in India in 1847


Henry Dady (b.1844). Born in Moulmein on 5 May 1844. Baptised on 19 May 1844

Emma Dady (1846-1908). Born in Moulmein on 30 July 1846. Baptised on 20 September 1846.  Married Fulton Henderson (1834-1913). They had 11 children.

Edward Dady (b.1847). Born in Moulmein on 19 August 1847. Baptised on 15th September 1847.

Edwin Dady (b.1848-1916). Born in Moulmein on 12 August 1848. Baptised on 30 August 1848. Married (i) Annie M (b.1856) (ii) Florence E (b.1862). 6 children. Myra K. Dady (b.1890), Edwin Oliver Dady (b.1891), Dora Eva Dady (b.1893), Frederick G. Dady (18950-1896), Rupert H. Dady (1898-1959) and Ralph W. Dady (1901-1901)  and (iii) Alice J.  

Charlotte Dady (b.1857) Born in Madras 29 October 1857. Baptised at St Michael’s Mount, Madras on 29 October 1857

Susan Dady (b.1861). Born in Madras on 14 February 1861. Baptised on 2 Octobert 1861.  Married John Pereiras

Alice Dady (b.1863). Born in Madras on 17 June 1863. Baptised in Seetabuldee on 28 October 1863.

John Frederick Dady (b.1865). Born in Madras on 9 September 1865. Baptised in Blacktown on 21 February 1866. Married Caroline E. Ward. One son William C. Dady (b.1896) who married Mary Ivy McGee (b.1900)

George Fulton Dady (b.1867). Born in Madras on 26 October 1867. Baptised in Secunderabad on 12 March 1868.



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