Clara Edwards (1849-1931) and John Livingstone (b.c.1842-1872)

Clara Edwards (1849-1931).
Daughter of George Edwards (1815-1858) and Julia Brown (c.1822-1870)
Born in Madras on 30 July 1849.
Married John Livingstone (b.c.1842-1872) in St George’s Church Hyderabad on 14 July 1869.
Clara died in Hyderabad on 23 April 1931.
John died in Hyderabad on 13 July 1872.
Clara and John had two children:


Robert Clive Livingstone (b.1872)
Born in Bangalore on 20 July 1872.
Married in Bangalore on 25 November 1903 to Minnie Henrietta Johnson (b.1873).  Minnie was born in Bangalore on 17 May 1873.

Alberta Julia Livingstone (b.1872).
Born in Secunderabad on 15 September 1872.

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