George Llewellyn Edwards (1886-1938) and Phoebe Iris O’Doherty

George Llewellyn Edwards (1886-1938)
Son of William Henry Edwards (b.1853) and Cecilia Maud Norris (1862-1940)
Born in Bangalore on 19 September 1886
George was an electrical engineer and was employed by various instrumentalist companies and government departments in South India
Married in India to Phoebe Iris O’Doherty
George had a chronic lung problem and was born premature with a slightly twisted spine in the area of his neck. It was thought this was due to the use of forceps at birth. The injury is quie evident in photographs.
After her divorce, Phoebe married Roy D. Jones.
George and Phoebe had one child
George died in Travancore on 23 September 1938


Doreen Daphne Edwards (b.1920). Born in Bangalore on 9 June 1920. Married in Bombay on 24 April 1948 to Maurice George Hardaker (b.1920). They had two children


(i) Gail Lorraine Hardaker (b.1951). Born in Perth, Australia on 10 April 1951. Married to Richard Douglas Rose (b.1948) in Melbourne Victoria. Australia on 7 October 1972

(ii) Rosamund Carlene Hardaker (1956). Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 28 January 1956. Married  to Noel Edward Abbott (b.1953) in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia on 2 July 1983. They had two children


1.Christian Hardaker Abbott (b.1977) Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on 1 December 1977

2. Phoebe Larissa Abbott (b.1986). Born in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia on 15 July 1986

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