Edwards, William Henry (b.1853) and Cecilia Maud Norris (1862-1940)

William Henry Edwards (b.1853) and Cecilia Maud Norris (1862-1940)

william henry

William Henry Edwards (b.1853)

William Henry Edwards (b.1853)
Son of William Lindsay Edwards (1813-1869) and Henrietta Wilhelmina Van Ingen (1828-1914)
Born in Bangalore on 1 May 1853
Married in Bangalore to Cecilia Maud Norris (b.1862?-1940) on 14 November 1877


Cecilia Maud Norris (b.1862?-1940)

Nothing is known about William other than the marriage was unhappy though it produced 9 children. Apparently Cecilia, his wife vowed that her two daughters would not go through the same ordeal as herself and consequently neither daughter married. Cecilia also thought that the wives of her sons were not good enough for them. She herself came from a wealthy family and the Norris’ were related to equally wealthy families the Donnes and Scaiffes. The Donnes owned a phaeton and reputedly the children were seen to be playing with bags of gold mohel (coins). Also connected to the Donnes were the Saint Pour Saint family, one of whom was snatched from their garden by a panther.
William died in Whitefield, Bangalore.

William and Cecilia had nine children


(i)  Osmond Henry Edwards (1878-1939). Born in Bangalore on 29 September 1878,  married Muriel Constance O’Leary (1882-1970). They had five children. 1.Oscar Reginald Edwards (1911-1986). 2.Norman Richard Edwards (b.1914-1982) married Joan Sylvera Cooke (b.1919). 3.Aileen Cecilia Edwards (b.1916), married John Birth (1921-1948). 4.Donald Osmond Edwards (1919-1990), married Mary Barbara Jervis and 5.Cyril Trevor Edwards (1921-1948)

(ii)  George Malcolm Edwards (1880-1880). Born in Bangalore on 8 April 1880. Died in Bangalore on 8 June 1880.

(iii)  Maud Cecilia Edwards (b.1881). Born in Bangalore on 13 November 1881. Died in Bangalore on (?).

(iv)William Lindsay Edwards (1883-1942). Born in Bangalore on 9 September 1883. Married in Mysore on 30 June 1920 to Marie Charlotte Hardaker (1899-1976) who was born in Mysore on 17 June 1899. They had one child. Hazel Zoe Lindsay Edwards (1921-1925). Born in Mysore on 3 October 1921 and died in Madras on 24 April 1925.  William died in Mysore on 16 November 1942. Marie died in Glasgow, UK on 6 November 1976.

(v) Richard Charles Edwards (1885-1956). Born in Madras on 26 July 1885. Married Evelyn Constance Eagle (1889-1971) in Bombay on 4 July 1912. They had two children. 1. Richard George Ceighton Edwards (b.1917) who married Ruth Horrell (b.1920) 2. Evelyn Hector Osmond Edwards (b.1926) and married Elsie Edith Hardway (b.1924). They had three children. Christine Elizabeth Edwards (b..1954), Elizabeth Ann (b.1956) and Katherine Jane (b.1967). Richard died in Ruislip, Middlesex, UK on 27 August 1956. Evelyn died in Adelaide, South Australia on 25 May 1971

(vi) George Llewellyn Edwards (1886-1938). Born in Bangalore on 19 September 1886.   Married Phoebe Iris O’Doherty. Divorced.  They had one child.  Doreen Daphne Edwards (b.1920) Born in Bangalore on 9 June 1920 who married Maurice George Hardaker (b.30.5.1920) in Bombay on 24 April 1948.  They had two children Gail Lorraine Hardaker (b.10.4.1951) and Rosamond Carlene Hardaker (b.28.1.1956)

(vii) Herbert Pascal Edwards (1889-1965). Born in Bangalore on 28 May 1889. Married Veda Leonora Hardaker (1890-1956) In Mysore on 17 June 1912. They had four children. (I)Phyllis Marguerite Edwards (1913-1991), married Edward Poindexter Snead (b.1920). Divorced in 1968. They had three children. (II) Ian Ralph George Edwards (1915-1989) married Phoebe Mary McLeod (b.1921) They had three children. (III)Colleen Marie Edwards (b.1918) Married William Irby McClaren (1918-1867). They had two children. (IV)Cedric Stuart Michael Edwards (1932-1977) Married Greta Agnes Fox (b.1933).  They had two children.

(viii) Alice Irene Edwards (b.1894). Unmarried.

(ix) Percival Lancelot Edwards (b.189..) Born in India on 4 November 189.. Married Phyllis Jones. They had three children.


Mona Edwards (twins)

Hazel Edwards (twins)

William Edwards

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