Holdaway, Anne Patricia (b.1943)


Anne Patricia Holdaway (b.1943)

Daughter of Walter Henry Cutting Holdaway (1909-1968) and Aileen Barbara Holdaway (1916-1996)
Born in Madras, 3 May 1943
Baptised at Christ Church Madras 4 July 1943
Sailed to England on SS Strathmore in 1948
Married (i) at St James Church, Salford to Ronald Alan France on 3 October 1964


Wedding of Anne to Ronald Alan France


Anne with her father

 One daughter Joanna Wendy France (b.1969).


Anne with Joanna

Joanna married (I) on 11 June 1995 to Stephen Firestone who was born on 14 November 1962 in New York City, the son of Lawrence Stephen Firestone and Helene Axel. Divorced. Married (II) in Tubize, Belgium to Guillaume Alexandre Boschis (b.1981) on 28 July 2007
Lives in Bridport, Dorset
Anne was divorced on 21 October 1976
Married (ii) at Waltham Forest, London on 6 June 1979 to Frank Henry Duffield (1923-1991), born in London 4 August 1923 and died of cancer 3 December 1991 

Married (iii) at Holy Trinity Church, Bradpole, Dorset on 26 September 1992 to George Victor Steer (b.1943) Born in Crewkerne, Somerset on 21 April 1943
Lives in Bridport, Dorset


The Holdaways at 3 Cleveland Avenue Salford


Anne with her mother in Gronant, Wales


Derek, Barbara and Anne







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