Holdaway, Thomas Henry (1869-1935) and Jessie Henderson (1885-1968)

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Thomas Henry Holdaway (1869-1935) and Jessie Henderson (1885-1968).

Thomas Henry Holdaway (1869-1935)
Son of Jesse Holdaway (1845-1908) a labourer who on 29 March 1866 became a constable in the City of London Police Force and Isabella Mellafont (b.1848). Isabella was the daughter of Thomas Gray Mellafont (b.1824) and Elizabeth Sturt
Born in Shoreditch, London on 30 November 1869
Porter, 1886
Joined the Middlesex Regiment then transferred to the 1st Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment on 1 December 1886
Regiment sailed from England to Malta in February 1895
Two years spent in Malta.
Regiment sailed to Egypt to deal with the uprising in the Susan under the Mahdi, known as the Nile Campaign. The regiment was the first battalion to leave Cairo for Abu Hamed, January 1898
The force with the Cameron Highlanders, the Royal Warwickshire Regiment and later the 1st Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders, marched on through Berber and joined the main army under the Sidar on the banks of the Atbara on 30 March 1898
In the morning the Battle of Atbara took place and 3000 Dervishes were killed on April 1898.
During the summer the Battalion was stationed midway between Berber and the junction of the River Atbara with the Nile
In September under General Kitchener they took part in the battle of Omdurman (Khartoum). The remnants of the Dervish army was put to flight and 10,000 out of a Dervish army of 50,000 were killed..
After the occupation of Omdurman the Battalion was sent down the Nile in boats as far as Atbara, entraining there for Cairo, where some few days were spent in camp, and medals for the campaign were presented.
Late in October and early in November the 1st Battalion the Lincolnshire Regiment was sent in two parties by train to Suez, where it embarked for Bombay proceeding from there by train to Secunderabad India.
Married at St Andrew’s Church, Madras to Jessie Henderson (1885-1968) on 12 December 1900
Honeymooned at Rangoon.
Discharged from the army at Kamptee on 7 February 1908. Army number was 1665 and he held the rank of Sergeant. He was 30 years and two months old. His height was 5ft 10 ins. Sailed back to England.  His place of residence was stated as being 114 Fenchurch Street London. Reason for discharge was that he had come to the end of his second period of engagement. He had completed 21 years and 69 days service. His service record shows he was a Private on 19 November 1889, Lance Corporal 8 April 1890, Corporal 1 May 1892, Sergeant on 16 December 1894.
Returned to India and joined the Madras City Police.
Retired from the Madras City Police and became Verger of St George’s Cathedral, Madras
Thomas and Jessie had 6 children
Died in Madras on 11 August 1935.
Buried in St George’s Cathedral Cemetery, Madras


Herbert Fulton Jesse Holdaway (1906-1991). Unmarried. Born in Kamtee on 7 April 1906. Died in London 1991

Walter Henry Cutting Holdaway (1909-1968). Married Aileen Barbara Walton (1916-1996). Two children, Derek Ian Walton Holdaway (b.1937), civil partner Edward William Hubert Castell (b.1936) and Anne Patricia Holdaway (b.1943). Married (i) Ronald Alan France, one daughter Joanna Wendy France (b.1969) (ii) Frank Henry Duffield (1923-1979) and (iii) George Victor Steer (b.1943) 

Violet Isabella Alice Holdaway (1913-1990). Born in Madras 23 February 1913. Married Francis William ‘Frank’ Barks (1907-1992) in September 1933. Two children Frank Herbert Barks (1935-2000) and Lorna Jean Barks (b.1939). Died at Newark, UK on 22 June 1990

William James Pierson Holdaway (1915-1941). Unmarried. Born in Tuticorin, India on 28 May 1915. Died on 15 September 1941 and was buried at Moradabad Cemetery on 16 September 1941

Edwin Albert Morton Holdaway (1918-2010) married (i) Sarah Poole. Children. (ii) Edna Hallewell. Died in Basingstoke on 10 September 2010. Was cremated in Basingstoke on 24 September 2010.

Charles Richard Sidney Holdaway (1921-1993). Born in Vellore India on 18 January 1921.  Married Elsie Runacres. Children. Died in London in 1993

The Holdaway family 1921

Herbert, Walter,
Jessie, with Charles, Thomas,
Billy, Edwin and Violet


Thomas Henry Holdaway, Jessie Henderson
and their son Walter Henry Cutting Holdaway





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