Kelly, Rose Mary (1892-1948) and Thomas William Tubbs (1890-1921)


Thomas, Rose Mary & Thomas Tubbs

Thomas William Tubbs (1918-1981), Rose Mary Kelly and
Thomas William Tubbs (1890-1921)


Rose Mary Kelly (1893-1948) and Thomas William Tubbs (1890-1921) 

Rose Mary Kelly (1892-1948)
Daughter of Daniel Joseph Kelly (1864-1901) and Ada Henderson (1871-1936)
Born in Rangoon on 26 February 1893
Married in Lahore, Bengal to Thomas William Tubbs (1890-1921) a Captain in the ‘Green Howards’ on 17 January 1917
Mary and Thomas had two sons
Thomas William died in Liverpool, UK on 24 February 1921
Rose Mary died  in Wyalkachem, Western Australia on 1 July 1948


Thomas William Tubbs (1918-1981). Died in Perth in 1981

Horace William Tubbs (b.1930) married Anne M. G. Maclachlan (1932-2011) in Newton, Lancashire, UK in March 1955


Ada Henderson with her husband Charles Parsons and her children
 (left to right) Charles Edward Kelly (b.1893), Annie Parsons (b.1902) on Ada’s Henderson’s lap, Ada Isabella Kelly (b.1889), Rose Mary Kelly (b.1892) at the bottom, Agnes Maud Kelly (b.1897) and Charles Parsons



Rose Mary Kelly


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