Edwards, John, Lieutenant-Colonel (1776/7-1817) and Moodovaillah Copagee

Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards (1776/7-1817) and Moodovailah Copagee

Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards (1776/7-1817)
Son of John Edwards (1740-1822) and Mary Plimley Chapman (1757-1827)
Joined HM Regiment of Foot as an ensign on 14 September 1793
Lieutenant-Captain 5 March 1794
Captain 28 April 1797
Meets with Moodovailah Copagee sometime after 1804
Major 14 December 1809
Lieutenant Colonel 4 June 1814
Commanded the Regiment from 1813 till his death
Died in Guindy Cottage, Madras on 6 February 1817
Buried in the St Thomas’s’ Mount Cantonment Cemetery on 6 February 1817
Memorial erected to his memory in the cemetery
John and Moodovailah had 7 children
1.Elizabeth Edwards (b.c.1807-1834) Born on Malabar Coast (?), India c.1807
Married John William Schmidt
Elizabeth and John had three children
Elizabeth died in Tellicherry, India 1 September 1834

2.Frances Edwards (1808-1884) Born on Malabar Coast (?) 1808
Married in St Mary’s Church, Fort St George, Madras to Thomas Lionel (1798/9-1855) on 4 June 1827
Frances and Thomas had 8 children
Frances died in Madras on 24 December 1884

3.John Edwards (b.c.1809-1884)
Born on Malabar Coast (?) on c.1 January 1809 Baptised at Quilon on 28 October 1816
Married Margaret Boucher (d.1868) in Bangalore on 30 March 1846
John and Margaret had 8 children
John died in Sangareddy, Hyderabad, India on 19 February 1884

4.Caroline Edwards (b.1812-1840)
Born on the Malabar Coast (?) on c.1812) Baptised at Quilon on 28 October 1816
Married in Bangalore to Alphonso Bertie (d.1848) on 20 August 1840
Caroline and Alphonso had three children
Caroline died in 1840

5.William Lindsay Edwards (1813-1869)
Born on the Malabar Coast (?) on 25 December 1813 Baptised at Quilon on 28 October 1816
Married (i) to Anne Caroline Muirhead (c.1815-1836) in Madras on 1 May 1835)
William Lindsay and Anne Caroline had one child
Married (ii) to Georgina Smaller (1822-1845) at Bangalore on 20 December 1841
William Lindsay and Georgina had two children
Married(iii) Henrietta Wilhelmina Van Ingen (1828-1914) in Bangalore on 15 July 1852
William Lindsay and Henrietta Wilhelmina had 8 children
William died in Bangalore on 27 November 1869

6.George Edwards (c.1815-1858)
Born on the Malabar Coast (?) c.January 1815 Baptised at Quilon on 28 October 1816
Married in Tellicherry to Julia Brown (c.1822-1872) on 25 May 1837
George and Julia had 9 children
George died in Madras on 10 June 1858

7.Sarah Edwards (1815-1815) Born on the Malabar Coast (?) c.1815
Baptised at Quilon on 26 September 1815
Sarah died in Quilon on 30 October 1815


The following is a

Statement of service of Major J. Edwards of the 80th Regiment, Cananore – East…….      (….. indicates illegible)

The statement is divided into four columns.
2.in what Corps
3.Number of Years
4.Where employed, specifying the period of each Service. Names of any Siege, Battle or or considerable Action, where…. present – the periods on half pay – Regimental leave or other Absence – Modern Foreign Languages acquainted with.

1st entry
Rank:  Cornet Ensign
In what Corps: 80th
Number of Years: 6th months
Where employed, etc. In England and Guernsey

2nd entry
In what Corps:
Number of years:
3 years 2 mnths
Where employed etc:
On the Continent with his Royal Highness the Duke of York in 1794 & 1795 – present at the Siege…. of Winneguinn and in an Action with the…. at ……. near Bommel in Holland – 1796 ….. the Cape of Good Hope & present at the Battle…… Dutch fleet at Saldanha Bay – 1797….  Trincomalle in the East Indies – Had 2 months leave of absence.

3rd entry
In what Corps
: 80th
Number of Years
: 12 yrs 6 mnths
Where employed etc
: 1801. Went on the Expedition to Egypt…. General BD. Baird – 1802 & 4 Employed….in general Cas…. phall on the Maratta Frontier…. Wynaud and in the latter end of 1804 & 18… had 2 Months leave of absence.

4th entry 
In what Corps:
Number of years
: 10 mnths
Where employed
: In Malabar

5th entry
Lieutenant Colonel.


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