McMahon, Robert Spurling (1909-1983)


Robert Spurling McMahon(1909-1983)
Son of Robert John McMahon (1873-1911) and  Jeanette Bertha Sylvia Lionel (1878-1910)

002His parents. Robert John McMahon (1873-1911)
and  Jeanette Bertha Sylvia Lionel (1878-1910)

Born in Madras on 13 March 1909
Baptised at St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 13 May 1909
Mother dies when he is 1 year old and father dies when he is 2 years old
Placed in Madras Civil Orphanage Asylum
Adopted by his aunt Inez Beryl Lionel (1895-1915) and Allan Walton (1886-1962) and lives with them till 1930
Joins Calcutta Police as a sergeant on 20 February 1930
Works in Bahrain for short period and then returns to India and the Calcutta Police.
Comes to England on leave 1948/9.
Leaves Calcutta Police in 1950
Buys a house and lives in Mitcham. Surrey
Dies on 14 November 1983 aged 74 at St George’ s Hospital, Tooting, London.

His house was inherited by his sister, who died a pauper before Probate could be granted. She having been robbed of all her money and possessions by her servant. Her estate, consisting of her property in Whitefield and her brother’s house in Mitcham was disputed in the corrupt Law Courts of Bangalore. Eventually, when her will was proved in 1998 her property in Whitefield was accepted by her lawyers as payment for finally settling the estate and the proceeds of the sale of the Mitcham house was under the terms of her will divided between her cousins Barbara Holdaway and Joan Stokoe. Derek as sole beneficiary under his mother’s will divided his share between his sister and his niece.


Roy and his housekeeper Mrs B.






Roy with his cousin Joan Walton 






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