Pullan, Noella Patricia (b.1936) and Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931)

Noella Patricia Pullan (b.1936) and Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931)

Noella Patricia Pullan (b.1936)


Noella when she graduated as a nurse in 1957

Daughter of
Born in Collie, Western Australia on 16 March 1936
Trained as a nurse at Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital Perth.
Married Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931) in Adelaide, South Australia on 4 October 1960
Noel and Noella had 3 children.


(i) Mark Kelly (b.1961)
Born in Melbourne on 12 May 1961, Married Sharon Bonner on 3 October 1985 They have two children, Andrew Kelly (b.17.1.1991) and Sarah Kelly (b.5.2.1994). Mark and Sharon divorced.

(ii) Paul Kelly (b.1962)
Born in Perth on 25 June 1962. Took a Science Degree. Is a photographer.

(iii) Louise Kelly (b.1965)
Born in Perth on 5 February 1965. Married Dr. William Hope in 1993. Changed her name to Louise Kelly-Hope. They had 4 sons. Jessie Hope (11.10.1993), Sebastian Hope (20.4.1994), Oliver Hope (31.7.1997) and Manning Hope (11.11.2000) 


Noella on a beach in Western Australia 1960 with her two sisters. Noella is on the left.


Noella in 1974




Michael Kelly (their cousin Desmond’s son), Paul Kelly, Mark Kelly
Libby Kelly (their cousin Desmond’s daughter), Louise Kelly and Sandra Kelly (their cousin, Desmond’s daughter)


Noel and Noella with their daughter Louise’s four sons
Bethedsa USA 2005


Louise Kelly-Hope’s four sons


Noel and Noella with their grandchildren 2001


Noel with his sons Mark and Paul. 2005



Noella with her daughter Louise 2003


Noel and Noella with their children and grandchildren. 2009

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