Victoria Charlotte Elizabeth Snow (1871-1953) and Henry Ireland Henderson (1868-1946)

Victoria Charlotte Elizabeth Snow (1871-1953)
Daughter of Samuel Ridsdale Snow (1849-1906) and Jane Louise Gallyot (1854-1937)
Born in Tuticorin, India on 17 March 1871
Married at Holy Trinity Church Rangoon Henry Ireland Henderson (1868-1946) in December 1893
They had two sons
Victoria died in August 1953


(I) Fulton Ridsdale Henderson (1894-1941) Born on 3rd December 1918. Married Lillian Regel  they had three children:

1.Dr Lionel Fulton Henderson (b.1918). Born 3 December 1918. Married Pamela Darley Smith. The had three children, Gloria Henderson, Sandra Henderson and Angela Henderson 

2. Thelma Henderson (b.1921). Born on 26 November 1921. Married Harold Kelly. The had five children. Pete Kelly, John Kelly, Priscilla Kelly, Sharon Kelly and Anita Kelly

3.Douglas Henderson (b.1935). Born 13 December 1935

(II) Donald Henderson (b.1900) Born on 4 October 1900. Married Aileen Lucas and died in 1960. The had one daughter Peggy Henderson who married Mervyn Adams 

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