The overall structure of this website is my very personal biography which I have heavily illustrated throughout with family photographs and relates my memories from a child to the present day. Into this I have woven family trees and have included as a supplement a large collection of family trees including many of subsidiary members of the family. As the biography proceeds we meet up with the people who have played significant or passing roles in my life and I then diverge to tell their stories My family has had a long and close relationship with India since the 18th century and the final link was only broken quite recently.

I first began this biography when I determined to tell the tale of an ancestor on my maternal side of the family, namely Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards (1776/7-1817) of the 80th Regiment of Foot who after an eventful life served and died in India and Moodovailah Coppagee. Other strands are my father’s doomed love affair with India. He was stationed on the North West Frontier for many years and then joined the Madras City Police.

I have also recorded my mother’s love affair with the Lawrence Memorial Royal Military School – Lovedale in the Nilgris Hills where she spent some of the happiest years of her life and I some of the saddest It also includes a record of her time with the Red Cross in Madras. Fortunately both my parents were collectors of photographs and one unique feature of the website is my mother’s collection of photographs from Lovedale. The originals of these have been donated to the India Office Collection, British Library. I invite any readers to allow me to include any historic photographs they may have of Lovedale up to the time of India’s Independence of which there seems to be very little record online.

Unlike many tales of India this is not about the ‘Raj’ with its dizzy clubs, polo, cocktail parties and shoots on elephants but of a very different India for you to discover. The tale of our coming to England after Indian Independence and my subsequent life may also be of interest. Anyway I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have had recording it and maybe find some of your own ancestors along the way.

Please contact me if you have any relevant information or photographs you wish to share with me.


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