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Alphabetical List

Abbott, Christian Hardaker (b.1977)

Abbott, Noel Edward (b.1953) and Rosamund Carlene Hardaker (1956)

Abbott, Phoebe Larissa (b.1986)

Allan, Edith Matilda (1864-1935) and Charles Hope Edwards (1861-1938)

Bailey, Daniel Percival William (1890-1955) and Agnes Maude (Tootsie) Kelly (1897-1976)

Bailey, Evelyn Marie (b.1933) and Dale Francis Collett (b.1932)

Barks, Francis William (1907-1992)

Barton, Alfred Percy (b.1868)

Barton, Georgina Eliza (b.1864)

Barton, Thomas William (b.1865)

Barton, Georgina Eliza (b.1864)

Barton, Thomas

Benns, Arthur Albert, and Maud Colquhon (nee Henderson) (1877-1918)

Benns, Blanche Emma (1904-1983)

Benns, Ellen (1907-1908)

Benns, Jessie (1913-1913)

Benns. Muriel Lilian (1914-2007) and Harold Edward Greenacre (1912-1995)

Benns, Winifred Agnes (1910-2005) and William Fleming

Bertie, Albert Clifford John (b.1871)

Bertie, Alphonso (d.1848)

Bertie, Caroline Jane (b.1846)

Bertie, Dora (b.1873)

Bertie, Edward Arthur (b.1842)

Bertie, Ella May (b.1872?)

Bertie, Ida Sybil (b.1875)

Birch, John (1921-1948)

Birch Susan (b.1948)

Bird, Margaret and John Sinclair

Boschis, Guillaume Alexandre (b.1981)

Boucher, Margaret (d.1868)

Brown, Julia (c.1822-1872) and George Edwards (1815-1858)

Castell, Edward William Hubert (b.1937)

Castell, George

Castell, Henry (1814-1882)

Castell, Henry (1848-1915)

Castell, Henry Booth (1875-1943)

Henry Edward Castell (1901-1987) and Helen Maud Lancaster (1911-1974)

Colquhoun, Alan Fulton (1894-1947)

Colquhoun, Arthur Frederick (1896-1923)

Colquhoun, George Joseph (b.c.1871-1901) and Maud Henderson (1877-1918)

Colquhoun, Maud ‘Peggy’ (1900-1975)

Colquhoun, Thomas (1898- died POW Far East)

Cooke, Joan Sylvera (b.1919)

Crampton, Frederick George (1901-1975) and Adele Farrow (1899-1993)

Crampton, George Henry (1865-1941)

Crampton, Malcolm John (b.1956) and Susan Rosemary Nairn (b.1955)

Crampton, Ronald (1830-2004)

Crampton, Maurice Arnold (1933-2005) and Rita Eggleton (b.1933)

Crampton, Raymond Maurice (b.1955)

Cranfield, Edward (b.1815) and Mary Oldill

Cranfield, Letitia (1828-1897) and Frederick Dady (b.c.1816)

Cranford, Marion,

Dady, Alice (b.1863)

Dady, Charlotte (b.1857)

Dady, Edward (b.1847)

Dady, Edwin (b.1848)

Dady, Emma (1846-1908)

Dady, Frederick (b.c.1816)

Dady, George Fulton (b.1867)

Dady, Henry (b.1844)

Dady, John Frederick (b.1865)

Dady, Susan (b.1861)

Dalzell, Christina and James Henderson (1787-1867)

Duffield Frank Henry (1923-1991)

Duncan, Susan (b.1829)

Eagle Evelyn Constance (1889-1971)

Edwards, Aileen Cecilia (b.1916)

Edwards, Alberta (d.1931)

Edwards, Alice Irene (b.1894)

Edwards, Amelia Maria (1844-1929)

Edwards, Caroline (1812-1840)

Edwards, Cecilia Henriette (c.1863-1940)

Edwards, Charles Hope (1861-1938) and Edith Matilda Allan (1864-1935)

Edwards, Cheryl Linda (b.1947)

Edwards, Clara (1849-1931) and John Livingstone (b.c.1842-1872)

Edwards, Cyril Trevor (1921-1948)

Edwards, Cyril Trevor (b.1951)

Edwards, Daniel Noble (b.1867) and Grace Keyte (b.1873)

Edwards, Donald Osmond (1919-1990)

Edwards, Doreen Daphne (b.1920)

Edwards, Edith Isabel Hope (1887-1933) and Herbert Vernon Alexander Battenberg (b.1883)

Edwards, Elizabeth (b.c.1807-1834)

Edwards, Elizabeth Victoria (1838-1906) and James Kenneth Williams (1834-1860)

Edwards, Emily Ann (b.1844)

Edwards, Evelyn Constance (1870-1892) and Henry James Latham (1866-1909)

Edwards, Evelyn Hector Osmond (b.1926)

Edwards, Frances (1808-1884)

Edwards, George (1815-1858) and Julia Brown (c.1822-1872)

Edwards, George Frederick (1851-1914) and Isabella Marion Jane….

Edwards, George Hugh Lindsay (1858-1859)

Edwards, George Llewellyn (1886-1938)

Edwards, George Malcolm (1880-1880)

Edwards, Georgiana (b.1847).

Edwards, Grace Caroline Bartels (b.1842)

Edwards, Herbert Pascal (1889-1965) and Veda Leonora Hardaker (1890-1956).

Edwards, Ian Anthony Hamilton (b.1943).

Edwards, Ian Ralph George (1915-1989) and Phoebe Mary McLeod (b.1921)

Edwards, James Francis (1857-1914) and Amelia Beatrice Mary Gillson (b.1868)

Edwards, John, Lieutenant-Colonel (1776/7-1817)

Edwards, John (1809-1884)

Julia Caroline Edwards (1841-1904) and Henry Hastings Johnson (b.1838)

Edwards, Leslie Hope (1889-1948) and Marion Ada Hay Ellis (1905-1926)

Edwards Lynne Maxine (b.1951)

Edwards, Norman Richard (1914-1982)

Edwards, Oscar Reginald (1911-1986)

Edwards, Osmond Ross (1859-1860)

Edwards, Osmond Henry (1878-1939)

Edwards, Percival Lancelot (b.189.) and Phyllis Jones

Edwards, Phyllis Marguerite (b.1913) and Edward Poindexter Snead (b.1920)

Edwards, Richard Charles (1885-1956)

Edwards, Richard George Creighton (b.1917)

Edwards, Stella Henrietta (1854-1862)

Edwards, William Henry (b.1853)

Edwards, William Lindsay (1813-1869)

Fleming, William (1906-1988) and Winifred Agnes Benns (1910-2005)

France, Joanna Wendy (b.1969)

Gibson, George and Mary Thomas

Gibson, Joseph (b.1818) and Lydia Marchant (b.1835/6)

Gibson, Susan Lydia (1759-1912) and John Lionel (1843-1906)

Gough, Allen Charles (b.1935) and Yvonne Marguerita Kelly (b.1938)

Hall, Susan and Robert Ireland

Hardaker, Gail Lorraine (b.1951) and Richard Douglas Rose (b.1948)

Hardaker, Maurice George (b.1920)

Hardaker, Rosamund Carlene (1956) and Noel Edward Abbott (b.1953)

Hardaker, Veda Leonora (1890-1956) and Herbert Pascal Edwards (1889-1965)

Hardway, Elsie Edith (b.1924) and Evelyn Hector Osmond Edwards (b.1926)

Harley, Nellie Blanche (1875-1936)

Harman, Mary Jane (1839-40) and John Lionel (1843-1906)

Hayes, Fulton (1896-1955)

Hayes, James Francis (1886-1906)

Hayes, Robert Thomas (1859-1898) and Isabella Letitia Macdonald (nee Henderson) (1864-1941)

Hayes, Thomas (b.1897) and Nellie Beatrice Bloor

Hayes, William (b.1884)

Henderson, Ada (1871-1936) and (I) Daniel Joseph Kelly (1864-1901) and (II) Charles Henry Parsons (1874-1962)

Henderson, Alexander (b.1673)

Henderson, Alexander (b.1701)

Henderson, Blanche Dady (1879-1961) and (i) Samuel Davies (b.c.1872) and (ii) Sidney Edmond Shaw (d.1942)

Henderson, Eileen Blanche (1906-1991) and Arnold Murray

Henderson, Frederick Fulton (b.1865)

Henderson, Fulton (1833-1906)

Henderson, George (b.1803)

Henderson, George (b.1819)

Henderson, George (b.1829)

Henderson, Henry Ireland (1868-1946) and Victoria Charlotte Elizabeth Snow (1871-1953)

Henderson, Isabella Letitia (1864-1941)

Henderson, James (b.1760)

Henderson, James (1767-1867)

Henderson, James (b.1746)http://holdaway-

Henderson, Janet Lumsden

Henderson, Jessie (1885-1968)

Henderson, Jesse Emma Patricia (1805-1968).

John Henderson and Jane Elphinstone Muirhead

Henderson, Maud (1877-1918), (i) George Joseph Colquhon (b.c.1871-1901) and (ii) Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939)

Henderson, Maud Mary (b.1895)

Henderson, May Isabel (1899 – c.1965) and Peter McLean

Henderson, Susan (b.1835)

Henderson, Walter (1880-1947)

Henderson, Walter Leslie Fulton (1904-1968) and Winifred Holland.

Henderson, William (b,1832)

Henderson-Kelly, Michael (b.1965)

Holdaway, Anne Patricia (b.1943)

Holdaway, Charles Richard Sidney (1921-1993)

Holdaway, Derek Ian Walton (b.1937)

Holdaway, Edwin Albert Morton (1918-2010)

Holdaway, Herbert Fulton Jesse (1906-1991)

Holdaway, Thomas Henry (1869-1935)

Holdaway, Violet Isabella Alice (1913-1990)

Holdaway, Walter Henry Cutting (1909-1968) and Aileen Barbara Walton (1916-1996)

Holdaway, William James Pierson (1915-1941)

Horan, Rose (1837-1903) and Owen Kelly (1827-1887)

Ireland, Isabella (1805-1874)

Ireland, Robert and Susan Hall

Jervis, Mary Barbara (b.1919) and Donald Osmond Edwards (1919-1990)

Kelly, Ada (nee Henderson) (1871-1936) and Charles Parsons (d.1962)

Kelly, Ada Isabella (Birdie) (1888-1985) and Thomas James Merrick (1881-1918)

Kelly, Agnes (Tootsie) (1897-1976) and William Bailey.

Kelly Averil, Averil Rose (b.1942), and Raymond John Cooper

Kelly, Barbara (1925-1998)

Kelly, Charles Edward (1893-1961)

Kelly, Daniel Joseph (1864-1901)

Kelly, Edward Eugene (1865-1945) and Harriet Clara Cooper (1873-1955)

Kelly, Lionel Desmond (b.1927) and Helen Shepherd

Kelly, Louise (b.1965) and Dr William Hope

Kelly, Noel Raymond Patrick (b.1931)

Kelly, Owen (b.1827) and Rose Horan (b.1837)

Kelly, Rosanna (1870-1931) and Albert Edward Lee (b.1859)

Kelly, Rose Mary (1892-1948) and Thomas William Tubbs (1890-1921)

Kelly, Yvonne Marguerita (b.1938) and Allen Charles Gough (b.1935)

Keyte, Grace (b.1873) and Daniel Noble Edwards (b.1867)

Lancaster Helen Maud (1911-1974)

Latham, Henry James (1866-1909)

Lionel, Aileen Olga (b.1891) and Paul Lyons

Lionel, Anne (b.1789)

Lionel, Anne Elizabeth (1839-1843)

Lionel, Charlotte (b.1793)

Lionel, Frances (1828-1833)

Lionel, Henry St Clair Gibson (1882-1920)

Lionel, Inez Beryl (1895-1933) and Alan Walton (1886-1962)

Lionel, James Home (1837-1843)

Lionel, Jane Lucretia (b.1798)

Lionel, Jeanette Bertha Sylvia (1878-1910)

Lionel, John (1843-1906)

Lionel, John (1843-1906) and Mary Elizabeth Dean (1842/3-1871)

Lionel, John (1843-1906) and Mary Jane Harman (1839/40-1875)

Lionel, John (1843-1906) and Susan Lydia Gibson (1859-1912)

Lionel, Jonathan (b.c.1849) and Frances Rachel Ada Watson (b.c.1870)

Lionel, Lilith Constance ‘Girlie’ (1883-) and George Simpson

Lionel, Mary Harman Hamilton (1875-1946) and James Patrick O’Kelly (1857-1914)

Lionel, Nathaniel (1846-1846)

Lionel, Thomas (1762/3-1810) and Elizabeth Young

Lionel, Thomas (1798/9-1885)

Lionel, Thomas (1830-1911) and Catherine Sinclair (1846-1900)

Joanna Catherine Lister and Matthew John McIntosh

Lumsden, Janet (b.1760)

Lyons, John, Major (1829-1887) and Mary Jane Lyons

Lyons, Paul Mitchell Lorne (1885-1960) and Aileen Olga Lionel (b.1891)

Lyons, Richard Michael (1920-2002)

Maclachlan, Anne M. G. (1932-2011) and Horace William Tubbs (b.1930)

McIntosh, Matthew John

McIntosh, Shaun Christopher

McLean, Thomas Stewart Fulton (1920-2006).

McMahon, Coleen, Esme Gweneth (1902-1985)

McMahon, Eric Le Marchant Gibson (1900-1903)

McMahon, Robert Spurling (1909-1983)

Mellafont, Thomas Gray (b.1824) and Elizabeth Sturt

McMahon, Robert John (1873-1911)

Minas, Philip Lionel (b.1949)

Muirhead, Anne Caroline (c.1815-1836)

Muirhead, Jane Elphinstone

Norris, Cecilia Maud (1862-1940) and William Henry Edwards (b.1853)

O’Kelly, James Patrick (1857-1914) and Mary Harman Hamilton Lionel (1875-1946)

O’Kelly, Kathleen Eileen (1897-1984)

O’Kelly, Timothy (1816-1857) and Ellen Murphy

O’Leary, Muriel Constance (1882-1970)

Orr, Emily Georgiana (b.1866)

Orr, James Edward

Orr, James Peter (b.1867)

Parsons, Annie Elizabeth (b.1903) and Denis Scully

Parsons, Charles Henry (1874-1962)

Parsons, Charles Henry ‘Harry’ (b.1905) and Pauline Dumaine

Parsons, Henry (b.c.1847) and Mary …….. (b.c.1853)

Parsons, Mary Ellen Emma (b.1908) and Percival Elridge Sampson

Pullan, Noella Patricia (b.1936) and Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931)

Robinson, Stanley Robert (b.1941)

Rose, Richard Douglas (b.1948) and Gail Lorraine Hardaker (b.1951)

Runacres, Elsie Eileen (1925-2008) and Charles Richard Sidney Holdaway (1921-1993)

Sampson, Percival Elridge and Mary Ellen Emma Parsons (b.1908)

Schmidt, Anna Rosalind (b.1829) and John Henry Rose

Schmidt, Elizabeth Frances (b.1822) and Henry Schmidt (b.1826)

Schmidt, Harriet Jane (1829-1889).

Schmidt, Henry (b.1826) and Elizabeth Frances Schmidt (b.1822)

Schmidt John William (1803-1867)

Scully, Patricia and John Brand

Shepherd, Rita Helen and Lionel Desmond Kelly (b.1927)

Sinclair, Catherine (1846-1900) and Thomas Lionel (1830-1911)

Sinclair, John and Margaret Bird

Smaller, Georgina (c.1822-1845)

Snead, Edward Poindexter (b.1920) and Phyllis Marguerite Edwards (b.1913)

Snead, Jill Marie (b.1947).

Snead, Karen Marguerite (1946).

Snead, Kent Poindexter (b.1945) and Marjorie Ann Fleet (b.1947)

Snow, Samuel Ridsdale (1849-1906) and Jane Louise Gallyot (1854-1937)

Snow, Victoria Charlotte (1871-1953) and Henry Ireland Henderson (1868-1946)

Stokoe, Derek (b.1928)

Tubbs, Horace William (b.1930) and Anne M. G. Maclachlan (1932-2011)

Tubbs, Thomas William (1890-1921) and Rose Mary Kelly (1893-1948)

Tubbs, Thomas William (1918-1981).

Van Ingen, Henrietta Wilhelmina (1828-1914) and William Lindsay Edwards (1813-1869)

Walton, Aileen Barbara (1916-1996)

Walton, Allan (1886-1962) and Inez Beryl Lionel (1895-1933)

Walton, Arthur Lionel (1918-1919)

Walton, Harry Brian (1931-1974)

Walton, Joan Anne Patricia (b.1925)

Walton, Lorna Winifred (1919-1921)

Watson, Alison

Watson, Frances Rachel Ada (b.1869) and Jonathan Lionel (b.c.1849)

Weir, Elizabeth Blather


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