Bailey, Daniel Percival William (1890-1955) and Agnes Maude (Tootsie) Kelly (1897-1976)

Daniel Percival William Bailey (1890-1955) and Agnes Maude (Tootsie) Kelly (1897-1976)

Daniel Percival William Bailey (1890-1955)
Son of
Born on 26 May 1890
Married Agnes Maude (Tootsie) Kelly (1897-1976) in Cawnpore, Bengal on 9th March 1918
They had five children
Daniel died in Brighton, UK in 1955


(i) Edward William Bailey (1919-1988) Born 10 June 1919. Married Mavis… (d. 1987) in 1946 (?). no children. Whilst in the army he was captured in Torbruk was held as a POW in Italy and Germany. Died in Brighton on 29 April 1988

Edward William Bailey (1919-1988)


(ii) Ada Dorothy Bailey (1922-1991) Born in Birmingham on 30 November 1922 Married in Birmingham to Douglas Norman Maddocks (1916-1998) in November 1941. Died in Birmingham on 6 June 1991. They had two children. (i)Michael Douglas Bailey (1946) Born 19 June 1946, married Betty Roebuck (b.1946) on 14 August 1971. Two children, Lindsay Kate Maddocks (b.1976) and Sarah Helen Maddocks (b.1980) (ii) ?

(iii) Barbara Joan Bailey (1924-1996) Born 18 August 1924. Married in Brighton to Arthur Stanley Joyce on 17 July 1943. 5 children. (i)Sandra Dawn Joyce (b.1944) married in 1961 Henry William Arlitt. They had two children. Barbara died in Canada in 1996.

Evelyn Marie Bailey, Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly and Barbara Joan Bailey

(iv) Kathleen Maud Bailey (b.1926) Born on 29 July 1926. Kathleen had a son Trevor Bailey (                 ) from a relationship with a Canadian soldier in Brighton. Trevor was adopted by Kathleen’s mother. Trevor was an amateur historian who wrote under the pseudonym of Trevor Chepstow. He married             and they had a daughter Rachel Bailey (b.            ). Kathleen married  Jan Michael Kis (             ) (Polish) in Brighton on                  1948.  Jan was born in                on the              . Kathleen and Jan had 6 children: (i)Kasia Kis (              ) (ii) Genia Kis (             ), (iii)Janik Kis (            ), (iv) Kazik Kis (               ), (v) Jozef Kis  (b.             ) and (vi) Louise Jane Kis (19   -1970) who died in a car crash aged 14 months.


Kathleen Maud Bailey (b.1926)

(v) Evelyn Marie Bailey (b.1933). Born 17 January 1933. Married on 2 May 1953 in Canada to Dale Francis Collett (b.1932), born on 1 May 1932. 5 children.

Evelyn Marie Bailey, Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly and Barbara Joan Bailey. Vancouver 1993

Evelyn  Marie Bailey and Yvonne Kelly. 1994

Ada Dorothy Bailey, Evelyn Marie Bailey and Barbara Joan Bailey

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