Castell, Henry (1814-1882) and Jane Booth (b.1825)

Henry Castell (1814-1882) and Jane Booth ((b.1825)

Henry Castell (1814-1882)
Son of George Castell, a tailor of Broad Street, Oxford and Maria Hunt of Great Rollright, Oxfordshire
Born 2 November 1814
Jeweller of Portsmouth
Married to Jane Booth (b.1825) in Southampton on 23 November 1844
Henry and Jane had 11 children
Jewellery business failed
Died in 1882


Emily Maria Castell (b.1845)

Jessie Castell (b.1847)

Henry Castell (1848-1915) who married Sarah Jane Leggatt (1853-1941) (1853-1941) had one son Henry Booth Castell (1875-1943) who married Nellie Blanche Harley (1875-1936) they had four sons

Edward Castell (1849-1870)

    A miniature of Edward which we own

Jane Castell (b.1849-1870)

George Castell and Maria Castell (twins) (born 1875)

John Castell (b.1854) married 20.8.1889 to Florence Mary Lambert (b.1868), Lord Alfred Tennyson’s goddaughter. Her father was William Tooley Lambert, hotel keeper who accommodated Tennyson and his guests in Freshwater, Isle of Wight

Margaret Castell (b.1859)

Louisa Castell (b.1861)

Maud Laura Castell (1863-1964) 



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