Colquhoun, Alan Fulton (1894-1947) and Eleanor Fanny Owen (1898-1949)


Allan Fulton Colquhoun (1894-1947).

Allan Fulton Colquhoun (1894-1947).
Son of Maud Henderson (1877-1947) and George Joseph Colquhon (b.c.1871-1901)
Born in Madras on 17 July 1894
Married in Wandsworth Surrey to Eleanor Fanny Owen (1898-1949), in 1919.
They had two children Maud A. Colquhoun (1920-1921), George Wills Colquhoun who was married in Singapore to Patricia Mavis……. in August 1959
Allan died in Kettering, UK in 1947

Maud Henderson with her second husband Arthur Albert Benns with her four children from her previous marriage
to George Joseph Colquhoun.

Arthur Albert Benns,(centre) Maud ‘Peggy’ Colquhoun, Maud Henderson, Alan Fulton Colquhoun, (on floor) Thomas Colquhoun and Arthur Frederick Colquhoun 


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