Colquhoun, George Joseph (b.c.1871-1901) and Maud Henderson (1877-1918)

George Joseph Colquhoun (b.c.1871-1901) and Maud Henderson (1877-1918)

George Joseph Colquhoun (b.c.1871-1901)
Son of
Born b.c.1871
Married Maud Henderson (1877-1918) on 9 October 1893
Sergeant in the 1st Cheshire Regiment
George and Maud had four children
Died 1901

(I) Allan Fulton Colquhoun (1894-1947).
Born in Madras on 17 July 1894
Died Kettering, UK in 1947

(II) Arthur Frederick Colquhoun (1896-1923)
Born in Madras  in 1896
Died in Gorleston, Norfolk, UK on 23 April 1923

(III)  Thomas Colquhoun (1898- died POW Far East)
Born in Bangalore in 1898
Died as a Prisoner of War I the Far East during World War II

(IV) Maud ‘Peggy’ Colquhoun (1900-1975)
Born in Bangalore on 2 March 1900
Died in Gorleston,Norfolk  UK on 13 May 1975


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