Colquhoun, Thomas (1898- 1945)

Thomas Colquhoun (1898- 1945)

Thomas Colquhoun (1898-1945)
Son of George Joseph Colquhoun (b.c.1871-1901) and Maud Henderson (1877-1918)
Born in Bangalore in 1898
Married Dorothy…
They had three children: 
Trixie Colquhoun, Allan Colquhoun
and Lena Colquhoun
Died as a Prisoner of War I in the Far East during World War II on 1 June 1945 and is buried in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand

Maud Henderson with her second husband Arthur Albert Benns with her four children from her previous marriage
to George Joseph Colquhoun.

Arthur Albert Benns,(centre) Maud ‘Peggy’ Colquhoun, Maud Henderson, Alan Fulton Colquhoun, (on floor) Thomas Colquhoun and Arthur Frederick Colquhoun 

Thomas Colquhoun

(standing) Charles Henry Parsons (d.1962), Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1961), George Henry Crampton (1865-1941), Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939) (centre) Ada Parsons (b.1871) with Harry Parsons (b.1905), Emma Dady (1866-1908), Fulton Henderson (1833-1906), Isabella Leticia Henderson (b.1864-), Maud Benns (1877-1918) with Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983), (on floor) Anne Parsons (b.1903), Maud Peggy Colquhoun (1900-1975), Unknown, Thomas Colquhoun (1898-1945) 

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