Edwards, George (1815-1858) and Julia Brown (c.1822-1872)

George Edwards (1815-1858) and Julia Brown (c.1822-1872)

George Edwards (1815-1858)
Son of Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards (1777-1817) and Moodovailah Coppagee 
Born on the Malabar Coast, India c. January 1815
Married Julia Brown (c.1822-1872) In Tellicherry, Malabar Coast, on 25 May 1837. Julia was the daughter of John Brown of Tellicherry.
George and Julia had moved to Madras by 1844.
1.1.1844 – first appointed to Government Service this is from a list of Uncovenanted Civil Servants ‘East Indians’ – the information sent from the Commonwealth Relations Office in London on 20.12.1950.
1.2.1844 Malayalum Translator 1st Class in Sard Sudr Court & Foujdaree Udalut
1.5.1857  Said to be serving with Madras Govt aged 42.
1.5.1858 – at the time of his death he was serving with the Madras Government.According to the Inscription on his grave stone, he was a founding member of the Madras Mutual Fund. The members of which paid  a sum towards his gravestone. The Madras Archives show him as a Trustee of the Madras Mutual Fund which was instituted 1.9.1846 and was to terminate on 1.9.1853. He was also a Director of the fund between 1849-50. The objects of the fund are to – ‘enable individuals to become landholders by means of a moderate monthly outlay, and to Capatilists to lay out their money to advantage’.  George served (1) on the Committee of Directors of the Madras Male and Female Orphan Asylums, and Free Day School for Boys which was under the supervision of the Chaplain of the Black Town Church, and (2) on the Committee of Directors of the Mount Road Male and Female Schools instituted in 1813.
George died in Madras on 10 June 1858. His death is recorded in the register at St Mary’s church (Fort St George) in Madras.
George died intestate and Letters of Administration [L/AG/34/29/258 Pt.4] were taken out by his widow on 5 October 1858. The records show that he died leaving three sons John William, George Frederick, and James Francis and five daughters all under 21 years of age. George is stated to be of late a Malayalum Translator in the Sard Sudr Court and Julia is stated to be living in a Bungalore in the State of Mysore. George’s grave is to the right of the entry to St Mary’s Cemetery not far from the entrance. The grave is a flat stone inscribed:
Sacred to the Memory of
Mr George Edwards
for many years the valued trustee
of the Madras Mutual Benefit Fund
who departed this life on the
10th June 1858
Aged 44 years and 5months

 A true Christian an affectionate husband
 kind father and sincere friend. This
 monument is erected by the subscribers
 of the institution as a tribute to the memory
 of one whose untiring zeal and activity secured
 for the fund secured the stability and prosperity
 which now establish it.
 Peace to his manes.
[Note: I think that  ‘manes’ in this context roughly means spirits or souls of the dead in the Underworld. Comes from Roman mythology. Very curious.]

The cause of George’s death it said to be debility.
George and Julia had 9 children


(I) Elizabeth Victoria Edwards (1838-1906). Born in Madras on 22 July 1834. Married James Kenneth Williams (1834-1860) in St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 17 December 1856. Elizabeth and James had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Williams (b.1857). Born in Madras on 18 September 1857. Elizabeth Victoria died in Hyderabad on 9 May 1906.  James died in Madras on 25 August 1860

(II) Julia Caroline Edwards (1841-1904). Born in Tellicherry on 17 July 1841. Married Henry Hastings Johnson (b.1838) in St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 28 December 1859. Julia died in Tellicherry on 7 March 1904. Julia and Henry had 8 children. (1) Georgiana Julia Johnson (b.1860).  Born in Madras on 12 September 1860. (2) Mabel Emeline Johnson (1862-1876). Born in Madras on 22 July 1862. Died in Bangalore on 20 April 1876.(3) Ernest Hastings Johnson (b.1864). Born in Madras on 25 April 1864. Married Winifred Mabel D’Rosario (b.882) in Corgaum, Madras Presidency on 31 August 1898. (4) Harry Edward Johnson (1865-1866). Born in Bellary on 18 December 1865 and died in Bellary on 18 June 1866. (5). Walter Edward Johnson (b.1867). Born in Cuddapah on 20 April 1867. (6) Eveline Johnson (1870-1870). Born In Bangalore on 12 June 1870 and died in Bangalore on 14 July 1870. (7) Minnie Henrietta Johnson (b.1873) Born in Bangalore on 17 May 1873. Married Robert Clive Livingstone (b.1872) in Bangalore on 25 November 1903. Robert Clive Livingstone was born in Bangalore on 20 July 1872. (8) Maud Johnson (b.1882). Born in Bangalore on 12 December 1882. Married George Macaulay Moss Hayes (b.1881) in Bangalore on 24 April 1905.

(III)  John William Edwards (1842-1919). Born in Tellicherry on 4 March 1842. Married Elizabeth Gertrude Bayley (1839-1915) in Christ Church, Hyderabad on 16 December 1863. Gertrude was born on 21 December 1839. John William died In Hyderabad on 9 January 1919. Gertrude died in Hyderabad on 17 Februry 1915.  They had ten children. (1) Herbert William Edwards (1864-1908). Born in Hyderabad on 14 November 1864. Married to Clara Catherine Luschwitz (1872-1905) in St George’s Church Hyderabad on 29 April 1986. Clara was born in Cawnpore on 14 February 1872. Clara died in Hyderabad on 2 October 1905. Herbert died in Hyderabad on 19 June 1908. Herbert and Clara had a son, Gerard Malcolm Edwards (1897-1935). Gerard was born in Hyderabad on 17 September 1897. Married Cecilia Machutas Brighte (1902-1996) in St Joseph’s Hyderabad. Cecilia was born on 14 November 1902 Gerard died in Hyderabad 5 June 1935. Cecilia died in Swindon, UK on 8 April 1996. Their children were (i) Norine Dulcie Helena Edwards (1924-1968). Norine was born in Hyderabad on 1 March 1924. Norine died in Erragadda, Hyderabad on 11 June 1968. (ii) Herbert Edwin Joseph Edwards (1925-1997).Herbert was born in Hyderabad on 30 December 1925.Married Anita Josefa Piris (b.1938) in London on 3 June 1961. Anita was born in Gibraltar on 29 June 1938. Herbert died in Swindon, UK on 29 August 1997. Herbert and Anita had children: (1) Jean Marie Edwards (b.1962). Born in London on 26 February 1962. Jean married Barry ‘Chip’ Phillips (b.1961). Born in England on 27 January 1961. Jean and Barry had two daughters Courtney Marie Phillips and Chelsea Anne Phillips (b.1989). Chelsea was born on 12 October 1989). (2) Louise Patricia Edwards (1963). Born in London on 1 July 1963.(3) David Carl Edwards (b.1966). Born in Faringdon, UK, on 7 November 1966. David married firstly Susan La Touch (b.1968). Susan was born on 21 June 1968). David and Susan had two children.  Ethan Edwards (b.1999). Ethan born in Swindon, Wiltshire on 7 March 1999, and Olivia Edwards (b.2002). Olivia born in Swindon on 26 January 2002. David Carl Edwards (b.1966) married secondly Deborah Lorraine Steer (b.1961) in Swindon on 1 August 1985. David and Deborah had a son Daniel Edwards (b.1989). Born on 30 January 1989. (iii) Gene Malcolm Anthony Edwards (1928-1996). Gene was born in Hyderabad on 10 January 1928. Gene married Emerald Waring (b.1942). Emerald was born on 12 June 1942.  [to be continued]

(IV) Amelia Maria Edwards (1844-1929). Born in Madras on 11 November 1844. Died in Hyderabad on 15 February 1929

(V) Georgiana Edwards (b.1847). Born in Madras on 28 August 1847. Married (i) to Albert George Marrett (1849-1872) in St George’s Church Hyderabad on 7 September 1870. Albert was born in Singapore on 22 July 1849. Albert died in Hyderabad on 9 May 1872. Married (ii) John Hannah in Hyderabad on 29 July 1875. Georgiana and John had three children: John Hope Hannah (1878-1878). Born in Hyderabad in 1878. Died in Hyderabad on 15 May 1878. John Lour Hannah (b.1878) Born in Hyderabad on 24 June 1878. Charlotte Rose Hannah (b.1880). Born in Hyderabad on 18 March 1880.   

(VI) Clara Edwards (1849-1931). Born in Madras on 30 July 1849. Married John Livingstone (b.c.1842-1872) in St George’s Church Hyderabad on 14 July 1869. Clara died in Hyderabad on 23 April 1931. John died in Hyderabad on 13 July 1872. Clara and John had two children: Robert Clive Livingstone (b.1872) Born in Bangalore on 20 July 1872. Married in Bangalore on 25 November 1903 to Minnie Henrietta Johnson (b.1873).  Minnie was born in Bangalore on 17 May 1873. Alberta Julia Livingstone (b.1872). Born in Secunderabad on 15 September 1872.

(VII)  George Frederick Edwards (1851-1914). Born in Madras on 14 October 1851. Married Isabella Marion Jane….  George died in Hyderabad on 25 June 1914. George and Isabella had 4 children: (i) Elizabeth Isabella Edwards (b.1886). Born in Belgaum on 11 December 1886. (ii) Georgiana Fanny Handin Edwards (b.1892). Born in Bangalore on 16 July 1892. (iii) Edna Myra Edwards (1893-1895). Born in Hyderabad on 13 August 1893 and died in Hyderabad on 25 April 1895. and (iv) George Hubert Edwards (b.1899). Born in Bangalore on 2 February 1899. George Herbert married Rosie John (b.1912) in Bombay on 10 March 1929.       

(VIII)  James Francis Edwards (1857-1914). Born in Madras on 19 May 1857. Married to Amelia Beatrice Mary Gillson (b.1868)in the Scottish Church, Secunderabad on 6 October 1886. Amelia was born in Hazareebaugh, India on 5 July 1868. Francis and Amelia had two children. (i) Harold Edwards (1887-1887) Born in Secunderabad on 30 October 1887. Died 7 November 1887. (ii) Ercell Eric Gillson Edwards (1888-1916). Born in Hyderabad on 6 October 1888. Married Lillian Johnson (b.1887) in Mysore on 6 March 1909. James died on 16 September 1916. Ercell and Lillian had three children. (1) Gordon Amherst Edwards (1912). Born on 25 September 1912. (2) Noel George Henry Edwards (b.1913). Born in Hyderabad on 26 December 1913.  (3) Cyril Dudley James Edwards (1919-1920) Born in Hyderabad on 12 November 1919. Died 13 July 1920.

(IX)  Alberta Edwards (d.1931) Died in Hyderabad on 23 December 1931.


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