Edwards, George Frederick (1851-1914) and Isabella Marion Jane….

George Frederick Edwards (1851-1914) and Isabella Marion Jane…. 

George Frederick Edwards (1851-1914).
Son of  George Edwards (1815-1858) and Julia Brown (c.1822-1872)
Born in Madras on 14 October 1851.
Married Isabella Marion Jane…. 
George died in Hyderabad on 25 June 1914.
George and Isabella had 4 children:


(i) Elizabeth Isabella Edwards (b.1886).
Born in Belgaum, India on 11 December 1886.

(ii) Georgiana Fanny Handin Edwards (b.1892).
Born in Bangalore on 16 July 1892.

(iii) Edna Myra Edwards (1893-1895).
Born in Hyderabad on 13 August 1893 and died in Hyderabad on 25 April 1895.

(iv) George Hubert Edwards (b.1899).
Born in Bangalore on 2 February 1899.
Married Rosie John (b.1912) in Bombay on 10 March 1929.       

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