Edwards, Georgiana (b.1847).

Georgiana Edwards (b.1847).
Daughter of George Edwards (1815-1858) and Julia Brown (c.1822-1870)
Born in Madras on 28 August 1847.
Married (i) to Albert George Marrett (1849-1872) in St George’s Church Hyderabad on 7 September 1870. Albert was born in Singapore on 22 July 1849. Albert died in Hyderabad on 9 May 1872. Married (ii) John Hannah in Hyderabad on 29 July 1875.
Georgiana and John had three children:


John Hope Hannah (1878-1878).
Born in Hyderabad in 1878.
Died in Hyderabad on 15 May 1878.

John Lour Hannah (b.1878)
Born in Hyderabad on 24 June 1878.

Charlotte Rose Hannah (b.1880).
Born in Hyderabad on 18 March 1880.

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