Edwards, Herbert Pascal (1889-1965) and Veda Leonora Hardaker (1890-1956).

Herbert Pascal Edwards (1889-1965) and Veda Leonora Hardaker (1890-1956).

Herbert Pascal ‘Bertie’ Edwards (1889-1965)
Son of William Henry Edwards (b.1853) and Cecilia Maud Norris
Born in Bangalore on 28 May 1889
Married Veda Leonora Hardaker (1890-1956) in Mysore City on 17 June 1912. Veda was born in Mysore City on 17 June 1890.
Herbert held many jobs in his early years in Mysore State and he may have been in the Mysore State Police.  At the time of his marriage in 1912 he was with the Bombay Police (an elite force) as his wedding photograph shows him in uniform.  Their wedding cake was 6 ft tall and was made by Bacalla (an Italian confectioner in Bangalore).  Herbert’s rank was somewhere between Sergeant and Inspector.  He left the Bombay Police after many years but where he worked after he left the police if unknown until, in the 1930s he became the manager of various motor sales firms in Madras City and the Madras Presidency.  He eventually became the sales manager of Addison & Co, which was a large motor firm owned by a rich English Jewish family names Sufer. According to Maurice Hardaker the premises of the motor company were on Edwards’ land as was the State Bank of India. His mother used to say that half of Bangalore was owned by the Edwards family! Herbert was stationed by the company in Madras before he retired due to ill health.  Adjacent to the Madras Presidency is the state of Orina and ‘Bertie’ as he was known, found a rich alluvial deposit of rubies somewhere in the dense jungle of this state where he used to do some of his big game shooting.  Unfortunately ill health, old age and lack of financial backing prevented him from returning to exploit is find.
Herbert and Veda had four children
Veda died in Ootacamund, Nilgris on 8 September 1956
Herbert died in Calcutta on 23 July 1965

(I) Phyllis Marguerite Edwards (1913-1991), Born in Mysore on 19 December 1913. Married Edward Poindexter Snead (b.1920). Edward was born in Stearns, Virginia USA on 10 June 1920.  Divorced in 1968. Phyllis died in Mechanicsville, Virginia USA on 21 November 1991.   They had three children. Kent Poindexter Snead (b.1945). Kent was born in Bangalore on 29 June 1945 and married Marjorie Ann Fleet (b.1947) in the USA in 1970, Karen Marguerite Snead (b.1946) and Jill Marie Snead (b.1947) 

(II) Ian Ralph George Edwards (1915-1989) married Phoebe Mary McLeod (b.1921) They had three children. David Edwards (1942-1942), Ian Anthony Hamilton Edwards (b.1943) and Peter Mallory Edwards (1945-1951) 

(III) Colleen Marie Edwards (b.1918) Married William Irby McClaren (1918-1967). They had two children. William Stuart McClaran (b.1945) and Virgil Kyle McClaren (b.1950) 

(IV) Cedric Stuart Michael Edwards (1932-1977) Married Greta Agnes Fox (b.1933).  They had two children. Michael Donovan Charles Edwards (b.1957) and Andrew John Lindsay Edwards (b.1968)

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