Smaller, Georgina (c.1822-1845) and Wiliam Lindsay Edwards (1813-1869)

Georgina Smaller (c.1822-1845) and William Lindsay Edwards (1813-1869)

Georgina Smaller (c.1822-1845)
Married in Bangalore as his second wife to William Lindsay Edwards (1813-1869) on 20 December 1841
Georgina and William Lindsay had two children
Died in Madras on 28 November 1845
(1).Grace Caroline Bartels Edwards (b.1842)
Born in Bangalore on 26 September 1842
Married in Bangalore to Thomas Barton on 10 December 1862
Grace and Thomas had 4 children

1.Georgina Eliza Barton (b.1864)
Born in Bangalore on 11 January 1864.

2. Thomas William Barton (b.1865).
Born in Bangalore on 27 November 1865).

3. Alfred Percy Barton (b.1868)
Born in Bangalore on 21 February 1868.

4. Emily Maud Barton (b.1869)
Born in Bangalore on 8 October 1869.


(2).Emily Anne (Amelia) Edwards (b.1844) Born on 3 January 1844
Married in Bangalore to James Edward Orr on 5 June 1863
Emily and James had two children

Emily Georgiana Orr (b.1866)
Born on 27 January 1866

James Peter Orr (b.1867)
Born on 20 January 1867)

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