Harley, Nellie Blanche (1875-1936) and Henry Booth Castell (1875-1943)


Nellie Blanche Harley (1875-1936) and Henry Booth Castell (1875-1943)

Nellie Blanche Harley (1875-1936)
Born 1875
Married to Henry Booth Castell (1875-1943) as his first wife in 1900
Nellie and Henry had four sons
Died, run down by a bus in 1936


Henry Edward Castell (1901-1987), married (i)Helen Maud Lancaster (1911-1974) and (ii) Marjorie Joan Edward (b.1911). Had one son Edward William Hubert Castell (b.1936)

John Harley Castell (1903-1954) unmarried

Richard Arthur Castell (1904-1961) married Rita Lydia Rich (1903-1982). They had three daughters. (i)Daphne Rita Castell (1929-1983) who married Malcolm Cloke, they had three children Geoffrey Cloke (b.1959) Jon Cloke (b.1961) and Gillian Cloke. (ii) Jacqueline Castell (1931-2000) who married Peter Rutter, they had two sons Adam Rich Rutter (b.1964) and Timothy Frank Rutter (b.1966) and (iii) Linda Mary Castell (b.1940) who married Lawrence Gordon Nolan (1929-1997). They had one daughter Sally Rita Nolan (b.1965) who married Matloob Ahmed (b.1962) they had five children.

Philip James Castell (1905-1976) married Glen Helen Violet Rose (1909-1999) had 2 daughters Sara Castell and Ann Castell

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