Henderson, Blanche Dady (1879-1961) and (i) Samuel Davies and (ii) Sidney Shaw (d.1942)

Blanche Dady Henderson with her second husband Sidney Shaw

Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1961) and (i) Samuel Davies (b.c.1872) and (ii) Sidney Shaw (d.1942).

Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1961).
Daughter of Fulton Henderson (1833-1906) and Emma Dady (1846-1908)
Born 1879
Married  (i) Samuel Davies (b.c.1872) in Madras in 1879. Samuel was a sergeant in the Welsh Regiment. The Regiment went back to the UK and Davies left the Army and Blanche and Samuel settled in Wales. One day Samuel left the house for work and never came back. No one knows what happened as he couldn’t be found and there was no body. Blanche was destitute in the Welsh village but was rescued by Frederick Fulton who was stationed at the Isle of Wight. Blanche then travelled back to India and was looked after by Ada and Charles Parsons.
Married (ii) Sidney Edmond Shaw (d.1942), a soldier, in Bombay on 16th March 1915. When Sidney Shaw left the Army he joined the Indian Wireless Department and was stationed in Karachi from 1940 to 1942. Charles Edwards Kelly was transferred to Quetta in December 1940 to build telegraph lines on the border with Afghanistan as the war was getting closer to India. Charles Kelly and his family went to Quetta but stayed in Karachi initially with Sidney and Blanche.When they moved to their own home in Quetta they continued to see Blanche and Sidney and joined them in a sailing trip on a Arab type boat, and for picnics in the desert, etc. Blanche came to stay on visits to the Kelly family in Quetta. Sidney  died in Karachi on 3rd September 1942 and  Blanche came to stay with the Kellys when they were living in Barielly . She then went to stay with her sister Jessie Holdaway (nee Henderson) and he  in Delhi.In 1947 she left India and went to live in Gartmore, Scotland with the daughter of Frederick Fulton May McLean (nee Henderson).
Blanche died on 27 December 1961, aged 82 and is buried in Gartmore Cemetery, near Aberfoyle, Scotland

Blanche Dady Henderson    Blanche seated with her sister Maud having just received their diplomas in midwifery, 1893

Emma Dady and Fulton Henderson with their daughter Blanche 

(standing) Charles Henry Parsons (d.1962), Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1961), George Henry Crampton (1865-1941), Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939) (centre) Ada Parsons (b.1871) with Harry Parsons (b.1905), Emma Dady (1866-1908), Fulton Henderson (1833-1906), Isabella Leticia Henderson (b.1864), Maud Benns (1877-1918) with Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983), (on floor) Anne Parsons (b.1903), Maud Peggy Colquhoun (1900-1975), Unknown, Thomas Colquhoun (1898-1967)


Sidney and Blanche Shaw in their home in India

My grandmother on the left, with me and Blanche Shaw

Me sitting on Blanche’s lap with my grandmother and father
Taken just before I left for school

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