Henderson, Frederick Fulton (1865-1937)

Card sent by Frederick to his sister Jessie. On back is written
‘Jessie, with love from Fred.

Now see I have rejoined the army I have just had seven weeks in hospital’

Frederick Fulton Henderson (1865-1937)
Son of Fulton Henderson (1833-1906) and Emma Dady (1846-1908)
Born in Seetabuldee, West Bengal, near Nagpore on 31 December 1865
Baptised at  Seetabuldee on 14 February 1868
Joined the Army Royal Scots Fusiliers in 1883
Moved to England where he transferred to the Royal Artillery and became Sergeant Major.
Married (i) Martha Mortimer in 1892
Married (ii) an Irish girl Mary McCarthy (d.1902) in 1893
Mary died in 1902
He left the Army in 1903
Married (iii) Ellen Lavinia New (b.c.1864) age 39 in Portsea Island in 1903.
Became a postman in Sandown Hampshire.
He re-joined the Army in 1914 to 1918 and was in the Royal Garrison Artillery in Hampshire.
Died on the Isle of Wight, Hampshire, 1937.

Frederick and Mary had  3 children


Jesse Emma Patricia Henderson (1805-1968). Born In Portsea Island, Hampshire 2 March 1895. Engaged to a McNabb ( died WW1) but never married. Noel Kelly met her in Islington  London 1958 and said she looked like a Henderson. Died in Islington, London in 1978.

Maud Mary Henderson (b.1895) Born on Portsea Island, Hampshire in 1895

May Isabel Henderson (1899 – c.1965). Born in Valetta Malta 1899. Married Peter McLean after WW1 in 1919. Peter McLean was in the Argyle and Sutherland Regiment in WW1 but was a builder and lived in Gartmore, Scotland.  They had one son Thomas Stewart Fulton McLean (1920-2006). In WW11 Stewart was a technician and worked in Warwickshire for the Air Force and after the war for the Foreign Office.  In 1958 he met an old girl friend Margie in Gartmore whom he married in 1959 and they moved to Brora, Scotland. Stewart worked in a Foreign Office Radio station that listened into the Warsaw Pact Radio Information.  Stewart died in Brora in  February 2006.

Frederick and Ellen had 2 children


Walter Leslie Fulton Henderson (1904-1968). Born in Sandown, Hampshire in June 1904. Was on the stage, possibly a singer, his stage name was Aubrey Gordon. Married Winifred Holland in 1927 Died in Christchurch, Hampshire in 1968. They had a son Raymond Frank Fulton Henderson (1929-1997). Born in September 1929. Raymond F.F. Henderson married Peggy Sanderson in Norwich in 1953

Walter Leslie Fulton Henderson (1904-1968). 
His stage name was Aubrey Gordon.

Eileen Blanche Henderson (1906-1991). Born in Sandown, Hampshire in 1906.  Married Arnold Murray. Eileen died in Hampshire in 1991

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