Henderson, Maud (1877-1918), (i) George Joseph Colquhoun (b.c.1871-1901) and (ii) Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939)

Maud Henderson with her second husband Arthur Albert Benns with her four children from her previous marriage
to George Joseph Colquhoun.

Arthur Albert Benns,(centre) Maud ‘Peggy’ Colquhoun, Maud Henderson, Alan Fulton Colquhon, (on floor) Thomas Colquhoun and Arthur Frederick Colquhoun 

Maud Henderson (1877-1918). Married (i) George Joseph Colquhoun (b.c.1871-1901) (ii) Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939)

Maud Henderson (1877-1918).
Daughter of Fulton Henderson (1833-1906) and Emma Dady (1846-1908)
Born in Madras on 3 February 1877
Baptised in Madras on 4 March 1877

Married (i) on 9 October 1893 to George Joseph Colquhoun (b.c.1871-1901)
Maud and George had four children

(I) Allan Fulton Colquhoun (1894-1947).
Born in Madras on 17 July 1894
Married  in Wandsworth, Surrey to Eleanor Fanny Owen (1898-1949) in 1919. Eleanor was born in Dartford in 1898 and died in Kettering in 1949. They had two children: Maud Colquhoun (1920-1921) and Patricia Mavis Colquhoun (b.5.4.1920) who married George Wills in Singapore in August 1959.
Alan died Kettering, UK in 1947

(II) Arthur Frederick Colquhoun (1896-1923)
Born in Madras  in 1896
Died in Gorleston, Norfolk, UK on 23 April 1923

(III)  Thomas Colquhoun (1898- 1945)
Born in Bangalore in 1898
Married Dorothy…..
They had three children: Trixie Colquhoun, Allan Colquhoun and Lena Colquhoun
Thomas died as a Prisoner of War in the Far East during World War II on 1 June 1945. Buried in Kanchanaburi War Cemetery, Thailand

(IV) Maud ‘Peggy’ Colquhoun (1900-1975)
Born in Bangalore on 2 March 1900
Died in Gorleston,Norfolk  UK on 13 May 1975

Married (ii) on 6 January 1904 to  Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939). Born on 16 April 1872, died on 29 January 1939.

Maud and Arthur had Five children:

(I) Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983)
Born in Rangoon on 10 November 1904
Married Cyril George Wright (6.1.1905), in Gorleston 12 August 1930.
They had two children: Sheila Margaret Wright (b.18.8.1932) and Colin Wright (b.1 5.1935)
Died in Gorleston, Norfolk, UK on 21 March 1983

 (II) Ellen Benns (1906-1908).
Born on 28 November 1906
Died on 11 September 1908 
Buried in St Andrew Church Cemetery, Madras (Row 18, grave 315)

(III) Winifred Agnes Benns (1910-2005)
Born in England on furlough on 29 September 1910
Died Leamington Spa on 26 October 2005

(IV) Jessie Benns (1913-1913)
Born in India 26 August 1913
Died in India 30 August 1913

(V) ‘Muriel’ Lilian Benns(1914-2007)
Born on 10 October 1914
Married Harold Edward Greenacre (6.12.1912-15.1.1995) in Gorleston on 12 February 1938
Muriel and Harold had two children
(i) Margaret Elizabeth Greenacre (b.1941) (born 7 August 1941). Married Derek Gillibrand on 9 February 1963
(ii) Nicholas Greenacre (b.1944) (born on 31 May 1944)
Muriel died in Derby on 31 January 2007

Maud Colquhoun died in Karachi on 27 November 1918

Arthur Albert Benns and Maud Henderson with probably Blanche Emma Benns

(standing) Charles Henry Parsons (d.1962), Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1961), George Henry Crampton (1865-1941), Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939) (centre) Ada Parsons (b.1871) with Harry Parsons (b.1905), Emma Dady (1866-1908), Fulton Henderson (1833-1906), Isabella Leticia Henderson (b.1864), Maud Benns (1877-1918) with Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983), (on floor) Anne Parsons (b.1903), Maud Peggy Colquhon (1900-1975), Unknown, Thomas Colquhoun (1898-1945) 


Blanche Dady Henderson and Maud Henderson (right) on receiving their diplomas in midwifery, 1893

(seated) Maud Benns (1877-1918), (on lap) Lilian Muriel Benns (1914-2007), Arthur Albert Benns  (1872-1939), (standing) Maud Colquhoun (1900-1975).
(front) Winifred Agnes Benn (1910-2005) and Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983)


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