Henderson, James (b.1746) and Elizabeth Balther Weir

James Henderson (b.1746) and Elizabeth Blather Weir

James Henderson (b.1746)
Son of Alexander Henderson (b.1701)
Born at Tranent, Haddington, East Lothian on 7 September 1746
Married Elizabeth Blather Weir
James and Elizabeth had a son

James Henderson (b.1760)
Son of James Henderson (b.1746) and Elizabeth Blather Weir
Born at Penston, Haddington, East Lothian on 28 December 1760
Married (i) Janet Lumsden (b.1760) on 11 October 1780 and (ii) Sarah Kin

They had four children

(i) John Henderson married Jane Elphinstone Muirhead, they had one son James Lumsden Henderson (b.1836)

(ii)James Henderson (1767-1867) married Christina Dalzell, they had two sons George Henderson (b.1819) and William Henderson (b.1827)

(iii) Janet Lumsden Henderson, married … Gould and

(iv) George Henderson (b.1803) married Isabel Ireland (1805-1874). They had four sons George Henderson (b.1829), married Susan Duncan (b.1829), William Henderson (b.1832) stonemason, Fulton Henderson (1833-1906) married Emma Dady (1846-1908). They had 11 children Isabella Letitia Henderson (1864-1941), Frederick Fulton Henderson (b.1865) Henry Ireland Henderson (b.1868), Ada Henderson (b.1871), Edwin Percy Henderson (b.1873), Twins, died, Maud Henderson (1877-1918), Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1962, Walter Henderson (b.1881) and Jessie Henderson (1885-1968) married Thomas Henry Holdaway (1869-1935) 






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