Schmidt, John William (1803-1867) and Elizabeth Edwards (c.1807-1834)

John William Schmidt (1803-1867) and Elizabeth Edwards (c.1807-1834)

John William Schmidt (1803-1867)
Born in Tellicherry in 1803
Married in Tellicherry to Elizabeth Edwards (b.c.1807-1834) on 10 September 1822
Elizabeth and John six children
Elizabeth died in Tellicherry, India 1 September 1834
John William died in Bangalore on 4th March 1867


1.Elizabeth Frances Schmidt (b.1822) Born in Tellicherry on 10 September 1822., Married in Tellicherry to  Henry Schmidt (b.1826) on 17 February 1851. They had three children, Alice Schmidt, Emily Rose Schmidt, and Lizzie Schmidt (b.1860)

2.Anna Rosalind Schmidt (b.1829) Born on 24 September 1829.
Born 5 August 1828
Married in Madras to John Henry Rose, commander of a vessel in Madras, on 28 September 1855
3.Harriet Jane Schmidt (1829-1889). Born on 24 September 1829.
Died in Bangalore on 12 December 1889

4.Unknown boy (b.1831)
Born 3 August 1831

5.William Edward Schmidt (1832-1910).
Born 1832
Married Elizabeth Ryan (b.1832) on 16 June 1855.
Elizabeth was born in Ootacamund on 24 December 1832
William and Elizabeth had five children.
Sidney William John Schmidt (1856-1857), Dora Ryan Schmidt (b.1859) who married Thomas George Rideout in 1901, Arthur Henry Ryan Schmidt (1861-1862), Lindsay Warner Schmidt (1862-1938), Clarence Rose McAuley Schmidt (b.1865) who married Tina Clark (b.1864), Mabel Elizabeth Rose Schmidt (b.1867-1915), Ethel Mary Webb Schmidt (1868-1869), and Frederick Valentine Schmidt (1873-1894)   
William died in Ootacamund, India on 23 December 1910

6.Henry Edward Schmidt (b.1834). Born in Madras on 8 August 1834

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