Kelly, Lionel Desmond (b.1927) and Rita Helen Shepherd

Lionel Desmond Kelly and Helen Shepherd

Lionel Desmond Kelly (b.1927) and Rita Helen Shepherd

Desmond with his sister Yvonne Kelly, Mrs Allen Gough

Lionel Desmond Kelly (b.1927)
Son of Charles Edward Kelly (1893-1961) and Kathleen Eileen O’Kelly (1897-1984). Kathleen was the daughter of Mary Harman Hamilton Lionel (1875-1946), the daughter of John Lionel (1843-1906),  the son of Frances Edwards (1808-1884) who was the daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards (1776/7-1817)
Born in Mandalay, Burma on 23 March 1927
Married Rita Helen Shepherd in Sydney, Australia in March 1962.
Desmond and Helen had 3 children.


(i) Libby Kelly (b.1962)

(ii) Sandra Kelly (b.1963)

(iii) Michael Kelly (b.1965)

Desmond Kelly, Noel Kelly and Barbara Kelly in Bangalore December 1939


Michael, Sandra and Libby Kelly

Michael Kelly, Paul Kelly (their cousin, Noel’s son), Mark Kelly (their cousin, Noel’s son) Libby Kelly, Louise Kelly (their cousin, Noel’s daughter) and Sandra Kelly

Lionel Desmond Kelly aged 3

Lionel Desmond Kelly and his sister Barbara Kelly. 1933

Sandra Kelly, Lionel Desmond Kelly, Rita Helen Kelly, Michael…..  Lisa Kelly and her mother Libby Kelly

Desmond Kelly (left) with his sister Averil and brother Noel

Lionel Desmond Kelly and Horace William Tubbs. 2012



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