Kelly, Owen (1827-1887) and Rose Horan (1837-1903)

Owen Kelly (1827-1887) and Rose Horan (1837-1903)

Owen Kelly (1827-1887)
Son of Owen Kelly and Catherine Fox. Owen Snr. was a private in the 89th British Army Regiment. It was an Irish regiment formed on the 3rd December 1793 to fight in the Napoleonic wars.
Born In Trichinopoly, Madras on 16 October 1829
The Great Famine in Ireland began in 1845.
Owen Jnr. was a carpenter. Joined the army the 1st Battalion the 2nd Foot,  The Queen’s Royal Regiment in Moate, Westmeath, Ireland in December 1846 aged 19.
He was stationed in Ireland and England for 14 years.
He sailed from Birkenhead  to South Africa and fought in the 8th Kaffir War in 1851, stationed there for 10 years.
He sailed to China and served in the China War, 1860.
Returned to England and was stationed at Aldershot, 1861.
Took leave and went to Ireland, 1862.
Married Rose Horan (1837-1903) in Moate, Westmeath on 7 January 1863.  Rose Horan (1837-1903). Born in Moate, Ireland on 2 April 1837 the daughter of Daniel Horan and Bridget Murray. Rose was the youngest of three children: Michael Horan (3.5.1830), Bridget Horan (18.5.1832) and Rose Roran(2.4.1837)
The Regiment sailed for India in 1866, but was stationed in Aden from 1866-1868. From 1868-1878 the Regiment was stationed in India.
Owen transferred to the 2nd Battalion the Somerset Light Infantry and returned with them to England in 1878
Owen retired from the army aged 55 in 1882
Owen sailed to Australia in 1883.
Owen and Rose had 7 children
Owen Kelly
died in New South Wales on 15 March 1887
Rose Horan died in St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, New South Wales, on 20 June 1903)


1.Daniel Joseph Kelly (1864-1941) born in Devonport
Married Ada Henderson (1871-1936) in 1894.
Daniel and Ada had 6 children
Daniel died of encephalitis in 1901 together with two of their children (see below) (encephalitis is an acute inflammation of the brain caused by a bacterial infection) (i) Ada (Birdie) Kelly (1889-1985) Married Thomas Merrick (Brevet Colonel Nov 1918). (ii) Rose Kelly (1892-1948) Married Thomas Tubbs (Captain in the ‘Green Howards’). (iii) Charles Edward Kelly (1893-1961), born in Rangoon 30 May 1893, Died in Perth, Sydney, Australia 26 January, 1961. Married Kathleen Eileen O’Kelly (1897-1984) Had four children Barbara Kelly (1925-1998), Lionel Desmond Kelly (b.1937), Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931), Yvonne Kelly (b.1938) and Averil Kelly (b.1942). (iv) Agnes Maude (Tootsie) Kelly (1897-1976). Born 22 July 1897, married Daniel Percival William Bailey. They had five children. (v) Millicent Jessie Kelly (1901-1901), born on 26 June 1901. Died of encephalitis in July 1901. (vi) Daniel Kelly (1901-1901). Died of encephalitis in August 1901

2.Edward Eugene Kelly (1865-1945)  was born in Carlisle Fort, Youghal, County Cork, Ireland on 31 July 1865, where his father’s Regiment was stationed. Edward married in London, Harriet Clara Cooper (1873-1955) on 26 December 1892.  They had 7 children. Edward Eugene Kelly (1894-1986), Leonard Hillier Kelly (1895-1908) Percival Harvey Kelly (1897-1950), Eileen Clara Kelly (1901-1994), Laurence Cyril Kelly (1903-1980), Lionel Roy Kelly (1910-1985) Bernard Eric Kelly (1916-2003). He died on 5 August 1945 having lived in New South Wales, Australia for 25 years.

3.Rosanna Kelly (1870-1931). Was born in Chatham, Kent in 1870. She married Albert Edward Lee (b.1859) in Madras on 10 November 1883. Rosanna  married about a month before Owen and family left for Australia.  She gave her age as 16 to make the marriage legal, (she was 14). Albert Edward Lee was 24 and was in the British Army 7th Regiment. The regiment returned to England in 1889.  . Rosanna and Albert had four children: Albert Edward Lee (b.1886) Rosabella Lee (1889-1935), Alice Maud Lee (b.1891) and William Owen Lee (b.1897). Rodanna died in 1931

3. Michael Joseph Kelly (1871-1954) was born in Devenport. Described on death certificate as being a Wharf Labourer, living at Torwood Road, Warrimoo, New South Wales, Australia. He married Ethel Hannah Jobson (1876-1960) in St Michael’s Church, Sydney on 15 August 1893. Michael and Ethel  had 8 children. Alfred Gordon Kelly (1894-1951), George Kelly (1897-1917) Florence May Jean Kelly (b.1899-1992), Rose Evelyn Kelly (b.1902-1981), Sidney Owen Kelly (1905-1971), Herbert E. Kelly (b.1906), Leslie Owen Kelly (b.1908), Dulcie Ethel Kelly (b.1910), Two sons died as children.

4. John Kelly (1871-1954)
Born in Bellary, India on 12 December 1873. Married Elizabeth Caroline Fry (1870-1958) in St Peter’s Presbyterian Church, Surrey Hills. John died In Concord West, New South Wales 24 June 1950. John and Elizabeth had three children: Frederick John Kelly (1897-1998), James Edward Kelly (1898-1959) and Alfred Michael Kelly (1900-1956) 

5. Mary Catherine Kelly (1877-1967) Born in Poona, India on 28 May 1877. Married George Beard Rich (1875-1933) in St Peter’s RC Church, Surrey Hills, New South Wales on 15 February 1897. George was born in Sydney, New South Wales on 9 September 1875. He was a hairdresser. George died in Canterbury, New South Wales on 27 July 1933. Mary died in Strathfield, New South Wales on 5 March 1967. Mary and George had 6 children. Ernest Alfred Rich (1898-1898), Irene Hilda Rich (1901-1963), Mabel Beatrice Rich (1902-1981), Edward George Rich (1903-1974), Eric Charles Owen Rich (1905-1969) and Marjorie Rosanna Rich (1913-2003)

6. James Gorman Kelly (1878-1980). Born in Bellary, India on 19 November 1878. Christened in Bellary on 8 December 1878. Buried in Bellary on 24 July 1880.



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