Lionel, Inez Beryl (1895-1933) and Alan Walton (1886-1962)


Inez Beryl Lionel (1895-1933) and Alan Walton (1886-1962)

Inez Beryl Lionel (1895-1933)
Daughter of John Lionel (1843-1906) and Susan Lydia Gibson (1859-1912)
Born in Madras on 2 December 1895
Baptised in St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 28 January 1896.
Her father John Lionel dies of acute dysentery when she is aged 10 on 20 September 1906
Her mother dies of a diseased heart when she is aged 17 on 15 November 1912
Goes to live with her brother Henry St Clair Gibson Lionel in 1912
Married Allan Walton (1886-1962) at St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 29 September 1915
They have five children
Dies of smallpox aged 37 on 14 April 1933.
Buried at Tondiapet Cemetery, Madras


Aileen Barbara Walton (1916-1996) Born in Madras on 6 October 1916, Baptised at St Andrw’s Church, Madras on 26 October 1916.Married Walter Henry Cutting Holdaway (1909-1968) They had two children, (I) Derek Ian Walton Holdaway (b.1937), Born in Madras 9 December 1937, Civil Partnership with Edward William Hubert Castell (b.1936)  and (ii) Anne Patricia Holdaway (b.1943) Married 1.Ronald Alan France, daughter  Joanna Wendy France (b.1969), divorced 1976, 2.Frank Henry Duffield (1923-1979) and 3.George Victor Steer (b.1943).

Arthur Lionel Walton (1918-1919). Born on 30 April 1918 baptised on 16 June 1918 dies of dysentery on 2 January 1919. Buried in St Andrew’s Cemetery, Madras.

Lorna Winifred Walton (1919-1921). Born oin December 1919 baptised on 11 January 1920, dies of diphtheria on 21 May 1921 and is buried at Kilpauk Cemetery, Madras

Joan Anne Patricia Walton (b.1925) married Derek Stokoe (b.1928) in 1952, two children,Lindsay Anne Stokoe (b.1956), married Roy Ernest Nelson (b.1955) and Beverley Stokoe (b.1958), married Guy Bailey 

Harry Brian Walton (1931-1974). Born on 18 December 1931 is baptised at St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 20 February 1937. Died in Manchester on 1 June 1974


Beryl, Allan, Joan and Barbara, Pudapet, India


My grandmother with Brian


With Brian. Probably the last photograph taken before she died of smallpox



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