Lionel, John (1843-1906)

John Lionel (1843-1906)

John Lionel (1843-1906)
Son of Thomas Lionel (1789/99-1885) and Frances Edwards (1808-1884)
Born in Madras on 31 August 1843
Baptised at St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 6 February 1844
Married as his first wife Mary Elizabeth Dean (1842-1871) at Veprey, Madras on 31 March 1869
His wife dies of a fever aged 29 years and 2 months on 16 October 1871.
She was buried at St Andrew’s Church Madras on 17 October 1871

Married as his second wife Mary Jane Harman (1839/40-1875) the widow of Mr Shunker and the daughter of Richard Harman.
Mary Jane Harman dies of childbirth on 9 March 1875. the child survived

Mary Harman Hamilton Lionel (1875-1946)
Born in India 1839/40
Married James Patrick O’Kelly (1875-1914) in 1895. James was the son of Timothy O’Kelly (1816-1857) and Ellen….
Mary and James had one child
Died in 1946


Kathleen Eileen O’Kelly (1897-1984)
Born 29 April 1897
Married Charles Edward Kelly (1893-1961) in April 1922
Kathleen and Charles had 4 children
Died on 1 June 1984


(i) Barbara Kelly (1925-1998) born on 29 April 1925, died on 30 September 1998

(ii) Lionel Desmond Kelly (b.1937), born in Mandalay, Burma on 23 March 1937. Married Helen Shepherd in March 1962. They had 3 children. Libby Kelly (b.1962), Sandra Kelly (b.1963) and Michael Kelly (b.1965) 

(iii) Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931), born in Secunderabad, India on 9 December 1931, married Noella Pullan in October 1960. They had 3 children. Mark Kelly (b.1961), Paul Kelly (b.      ) and Louise Kelly (b.       )

(iii) Yvonne Kelly (b.1938) Born in Secunderabad India on 1 March 1938 married Allen Gough (b.        ). They had two children. Shawn Gough (b.       ) and Aran Gough (b.       ) (adopted twins)

(iv) Averil Kelly (b.1942), born in Kanagpur 13 April 1942, married Ray Cooper

Married as his third wife at St Andrew’s Church, Madras to  Susan Lydia Gibson (1859-1912) on 25 May 1877
Manager at Messrs Franck & Co, Madras. 1869
John and Susan had 6 children


(i) Jeanette Bertha Sylvia Lionel (1878-1910)Married Robert John McMahon (1873-1911). 3 Children Coleen Esme Gweneth McMahon(1902-1985), Eric Le Marchant Gibson McMahon (1903-1903) and Robert Spurling McMahon (1909-1983)

(ii) Henry St Clair Gibson Lionel (1882-1920)

(iii) Lilith Constance ‘Girlie’ Lionel (1883-

(iv) Aileen Olga Lionel (1891-

(v) Inez Beryl Lionel (1895-1933) Married Alan Walton (1886-1962). 5 children. Aileen Barbara Walton (1916-1996), Arthur Lionel Walton (1919-1919), Lorna Winifred Walton (1919-1921). Joan Anne Patricia Walton (b.1925) and Harry Brian Walton (1931-1974) 

(vi) Leslie Godfrey Harold Gibson Lionel (1901-1901) 

John Lionel died of acute dysentery on 20 September 1906
Buried the same day at St Andrew’ s Church, Madras.

Susan Lydia died on 15 November 1912 and was buried at St Andrew’s Church, Madras on 16 November 1912.

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