Lyons, Paul Mitchell Lorne (1885-1960) and Aileen Olga Lionel (b.1891)


Paul Mitchell Lorne Lyons (1885-1960) and Aileen Olga Lionel (b.1891)

Paul Mitchell Lorne Lyons (1885-1960)
Son of Major John Lyons (1829-1887) Bombay Army 1849-1887 and Mary Jane Lyons.
Born 11 July 1885
Christened in Poona 31 July 1995
Engineer, British India Steam Navigation Co, Karachi Port Trust 1913-17
Bombay Port Trust 1919-40
Married Aileen Olga Lionel (b.1891) in Karachi on 9 April 1917
Aileen Olga was the daughter of John Lionel (1843-1906) and Susan Lydia Gibson (1859-1912), who was born in Bangalore on 6 June 1891 and baptised on 16 August 1891
They had one son
Lieutenant Richard Michael Lyons (1920-2002)


Where oh where is the Lyons family?

Lieutenant Richard Michael Lyons (1920-2002) has presented to the British Library a written manuscript of ‘The Lyons in India (1849-1947)’. Mss EUR C517.

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