Mellafont, Thomas Gray (b.1824) and Elizabeth Sturt

Thomas Gray Mellafont (b.1824) and Elizabeth Sturt

Thomas Gray Mellafont (b.1824)
Born 1823
Married Elizabeth Sturt
They had a daughter

Isabella Mellafont (b.1848) who married Jesse Holdaway (1845-1908) in 1869. Jesse was a labourer who on reaching 21 became a constable in the City of London Police Force on 29 March 1866
Isabella and Jesse had a son

Thomas Henry Holdaway (1869-1935) who was married at St Andrew’s Church, Madras to Jessie Henderson (1885-1968) on 12 December 1900.

Thomas Henry and Jessie had 6 children

Herbert Fulton Jesse Holdaway (1906-1991). Unmarried

Walter Henry Cutting Holdaway (1909-1968). Married Aileen Barbara Walton (1916-1996). Two children, Derek Ian Walton Holdaway (b.1937), civil partner Edward William Hubert Castell (b.1936) and Anne Patricia Holdaway (b.1943). Married (i) Ronald Alan France, one daughter Joanna Wendy France (b.1969) (ii) Frank Henry Duffield (1923-1979) and (iii) George Victor Steer (b.1943) 

Violet Isabella Alice Holdaway (1913-1990). Married Francis William ‘Frank’ Barks (1907-1992) in September 1933. Two children Frank Herbert Barks (1935-2000) and Lorna Jean Barks (b.1939)

William Jams Pierson Holdaway (1915-1941). Unmarried

Edwin Albert Morton Holdaway (1918-2010) married (i) Sarah Poole. Children. (ii) Edna Hallewell

Charles Richard Sidney Holdaway (1921-1993) Married Elsie Runacres. Children.

Thomas Henry Holdaway died in Madras on 11 August 1935.
Buried in St George’s Cathedral Cemetery, Madras




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