O’Kelly, James Patrick (1857-1912) and Mary Harman Hamilton Lionel (1875-1946)

James Patrick O’Kelly (1857-1912) and Mary Harman Hamilton Lionel (1875-1946)

James Patrick O’Kelly (1856-1912).
Born in Madras on 29 November 1856.
Married (i) at age 22 to Catherine Redmond (b.c.1861) aged 17 on 16 December 1878. They had a son  Thomas Henry O’Kelly (1880-1930). Thomas Henry was born in Madras in 1880 and died in Calcutta on 22 November 1930.
James Patrick married (ii) Mary Harman Hamilton Lionel (1875-1946) the daughter of John Lionel (1843-1906) and Mary Jane Harman (1839/40-1875). John Lionel was the son of Frances Edwards (1808-1884) who was the daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards (1776/7-1817)
James Patrick became a certified school teacher and was maths and English teacher at All Saints College, Hyderabad from 1895-1905. Became the maths and English teacher for Matriculation Classes and eventually Head Master of the Armenian College, Calcutta from 1905-1912.
James Patrick died in Calcutta in 1912 
James and Mary had two daughters

(I) Norah Frances O’Kelly (1885-1957). Born in Madras in 1885 .
Married in Rangoon to Percy Nugent Hilton on 12 December 1914
Norah trained as a nurse and worked as one in Burma.  The Hilton family had moved from Mandalay to Rangoon in the early 1930s. In 1942 when the Japanese forces invaded Burma, Nora and Glen drove  Norah’s car towards India till petrol ran out and then walked the rest of the way. Percy who worked for the Telegraph in Burma left it too late in moving out when the Japanese invaded in December 1941. He was captured in 1942 and executed by them. Norah and chidren stayed with the Kelly family till Glen joined the Air Force and Norah got a job at a hospital in Gorakpur UP as a matron. Norah came  to Perth, Australia in 1952
Norah and Percy had four children
Norah died in Perth, Western Australia on 1 June 1957


(i) Mavis Theresa Hilton (1915-2001). Born in Mandalay on 1 October 1915. Married Felix David Cole in 1935. Mavis and Felix had four children, 1. Deirdre Cole, Gillian Cole, David Lionel Cole and Andrew Cole. Mavis and her two daughters flew out of Rangoon in December 1941 and stayed with the Kelly family till June 1942. They then went to Bangalore when Felix joined the army. Mavis and family came to Perth in 1947.

(ii) Sheila Hilton. (1918-1933) Born in Mandalay 1918. Went to boarding school at Kerseong, near Darjeeling.

(iii) Kenneth Hilton (b.1920) Born in Mandalay in 1920, Went to boarding school at Kerseong, near Darjeeling. Kenneth worked for Imperial Airways in Burma and India.   Left the company in about 1947 because he was suffering from hallucinations and went to stay with the Kelly family he then went to live with his mother Norah.

(iv) Glendower Maurice Hilton (1922-1987). Born in Mandalay in 1922. Went to boarding school at Kerseong, near Darjeeling. Glen was studying in Rangoon when the Japanese invaded. Went to England to study in 1946 but gave it up and married Mary Anne Lewis, aged 19, in New Forest, Southampton on 7 February 1948. Glen and Mary had six children. Glen worked in the aircraft industry in England and later in Perth.  Went to Perth, Australia  with his wife and family in January 1953.  Died in Perth on 25 November 1987.

(II) Kathleen Eileen O’Kelly (1897-1984)
Born 29 April 1897
Married Charles Edward Kelly (1893-1961) in April 1922
Kathleen and Charles had 4 children
Died on 1 June 1984


(i) Barbara Kelly (1925-1998) born on 29 April 1925, died on 30 September 1998

(ii) Lionel Desmond Kelly (b.1937), born in Mandalay, Burma on 23 March 1937. Married Helen Shepherd in March 1962. They had 3 children. Libby Kelly (b.1962), Sandra Kelly (b.1963) and Michael Kelly (b.1965) 

(iii) Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931), born in Secunderabad, India on 9 December 1931, married Noella Patricia Pullan (b.1936) in October 1960. They had 3 children. Mark Kelly (b.1961), Paul Kelly (b.1962) and Louise Kelly (b.1965)

(iii) Yvonne Kelly (b.1938) Born in Secunderabad India on 1 March 1938 married Allen Charles Gough (b.1965). They had two children. Shawn Allen Gough (b.1971) and Aran Charles Gough (b.1971) (twins)

(iv) Averil Kelly (b.1942), born in Kanagpur 13 April 1942, married Ray Cooper

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