O’Kelly, Timothy (1816-1857) and Ellen Murphy

Timothy O’Kelly (1816-1857) and Ellen Murphy

Timothy O’Kelly (1816-1857)
Born in Dromcholler, Co. Limerick in 1816
Joined the Honourable East India Company Army in 1840
Sailed to Madras on the Reliance in 1840
Married Ellen Murphy on 11 December 1842
Was in the 1st Battalion, Madras European Fusiliers. The Battalion was part of the Field Force in the 2nd Anglo-Burma War – 5 April 1852 – 20 January 1853. This was the second of the three wars fought between the Burmese and British forces, with the outcome being the gradual extinction of Burmese sovereignty and independence and the complete annexation of Burma. Having an eye on the possible rich pickings of Burma’s teak, oil and rubies, Commodore George Lambert had been sent to Burma to negotiate over a number of minor issues relating to the Treaty of Yanabo which had ended the 1st Burma War.  Instead of resolving the problem Lambert provoked a confrontation which led to a declaration of war and a British Expeditionary Force under Lieutenant-General Henry Godwin attacked Martaban and occupied Rangoon. The British occupied Prome in October and announced the annexation of the province of Regu on 20 January 1853. No treaty was ever signed.
Timothy’s Battalion was also part of the force that was to recapture Cawnpore on 16 July 1857 during the Indian Mutiny. What had happened was that being unprepared for the  siege of Cawnpore by the Indian rebel forces the East India Company forces and civilians in Cawnpore had surrendered to Nana Sahib, in return for a safe passage to Allahabad. The evacuation turned into a massacre, and most of the men were killed. When the rebels heard that the East India Company rescue force was approaching Cawnpore, 120 British women and children were killed in what came to be known as the Bibighar Massacre, their remains being thrown down a nearby well in an attempt to hide the evidence. Following the recapture of Cawnpore and the discovery of the massacre, the outraged Company forces engaged in widespread retaliation against captured rebel soldiers.
Timothy (Corporal) (Service Number 1754) was awarded the Mutiny Medal.
Timothy died on 28 July 1857 just over a week after the recapture of Cawnpore.
Timothy and Ellen had five children


(i) Mary Anne O’Kelly (b.1848) born in Madras in 1848. She married at the age of 16 to Timothy Sullivan (b.c.1835) aged 29 in Poonamallee, Madras on 29th or 23 April 1864. Timothy was probably in the army. They had one child Ellen Sullivan (b.1871) who was born in Bellary on 29 April 1871.

(ii) John O’Kelly (1850-1912), Born in Madras on 18 May 1850. Married (?). Had the following children: Francis O’Kelly (b.1884), Margaret O’Kelly (b.1886) and Winifred O’Kelly (b.1881). John O’Kelly died aged 62 in Madras on 18 May 1912

(iii) Thomas O’Kelly (b.1852). Born in Madras in 1852. Thomas at the age of 26 married Anna Murphy (b.c.1858) aged 20 on 30 July 1878

(iv) Ellen O’Kelly (b.1853). Born in Madras in 1853. Married aged 16 to Thomas Carbery in Bellary on 17 April 1869

(v) James Patrick O’Kelly (1856-1912). Born in Madras on 29 November 1856. Married (i) at age 22 to Catherine Redmond (b.c.1861) aged 17 on 16 December 1878. They had a son  Thomas Henry O’Kelly (1880-1930). Thomas Henry was born in Madras in 1880 and died in Calcutta on 22 November 1930. James Patrick married (ii) Mary Harman Hamilton Lionel (1875-1946) the daughter of John Lionel (1843-1906) and Mary Jane Harman (1839/40-1875). John Lionel was the son of Frances Edwards (1808-1884) who was the daughter of Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards (1776/7-1817)
James Patrick became a certified school teacher and was maths and English teacher at All Saints College, Hyderabad from 1895-1905. Became the maths and English teacher for Matriculation Classes and eventually Head Master of the Armenian College, Calcutta from 1905-1912.
James Patrick died in Calcutta in 1912 
James and Mary had two daughters

Norah Frances O’Kelly (1885-1957). Born in Madras in 1885 Died in Perth, Western Australia in 1957.

Kathleen Eileen O’Kelly (1897-1984)
Born 29 April 1897
Married Charles Edward Kelly (1893-1961) in April 1922
Kathleen and Charles had 4 children
Kathleen died on 1 June 1984


(i) Barbara Kelly (1925-1998) born on 29 April 1925, died on 30 September 1998

(ii) Lionel Desmond Kelly (b.1937), born in Mandalay, Burma on 23 March 1937. Married Helen Shepherd in March 1962. They had 3 children. Libby Kelly (b.1962), Sandra Kelly (b.1963) and Michael Kelly (b.1965) 

(iii) Noel Raymond Patrick Kelly (b.1931), born in Secunderabad, India on 9 December 1931, married Noella Pullan in October 1960. They had 3 children. Mark Kelly (b.1961), Paul Kelly (b.      ) and Louise Kelly (b.       )

(iii) Yvonne Kelly (b.1938) Born in Secunderabad India on 1 March 1938 married Allen Gough (b.        ). They had two children. Shawn Gough (b.       ) and Aran Gough (b.       ) (adopted twins)

(iv) Averil Kelly (b.1942), born in Kanagpur 13 April 1942, married Ray Cooper

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