Parsons, Charles Henry (1874-1962) and Ada Kelly (nee Henderson) (1871-1935)

Charles Henry Parsons (1874-1962) and Ada Kelly (nee Henderson) (1871-1935)

Charles Henry Parsons (1874 – 1962)

Charles Henry Parsons

Son of Henry Parsons (1874-1962) and Mary …… (b.c.1853)
Born in Lea, Lincolnshire, 1874
Joined the Army age 16 and  went into the 3rd Battalion Lincolnshire in 1890.
31st May 1892 age 18 transferred to the Depot of the Regiment and on the 22nd August 1892 was posted to the 2nd Battalion at Aldershot and on 14th December sailed to Singapore. The 2nd stayed in Singapore till 1895 and then sailed to England but stopped in Malta where the 1st Battalion was stationed. He with others transferred to the 1st Battalion. In 1897 the 1st Battalion sailed to Egypt. The 1st Battalion Lincolnshire regiment took part in the Nile Campaign of Sudan 1896-1898 under Kitchener and took part in the battles of Atbara on 30th March and Omdurman on 4th September. He took a souvenir from the battlefield. In November 1898 The Lincolnshire Regiment sailed to India. Charles Henry was a Sergeant in the regiment.  By 1903 he had been transferred to the Ordnance Department as a Sub Conductor and steadily rose up through the ranks to become Captain. Married Ada Kelly (nee Henderson) (1871-1935) as her second husband on 5 May 1902.  He was stationed in Madras  from 1903 to 1923, in Quetta from 1924-1925 and Shimla from 1925-1927.  From 1927-1929 he was stationed as manager of an Army clothing factory in Rawalpindi. He then retired as Captain in Ordnance and Commissariat. Charles, Ada and their daughter Mary then returned to England and stayed in Littlehampton where his brother William Francis Parsons lived. They bought a car, a Trojan and toured around visiting relatives including Ada’s children by her first marriage to Daniel Kelly.  Charles. Ada and Mary did not get on with the British climate, so after two years the three of them returned to India with their car and settled in a Mimalayan hill station, Dehdra Dun.     Ada died aged 64 on the 25 July 1935, the cause of death being bleeding of the bowels. Charles bought an undeveloped 1000 acre farm at Bazpur, which had a railway stop and was situated in the Terai region of the United Provinces close to the Himalayan foothills   He proposed to make it  into a sugar farm to be managed by their son Harry. The site was covered in 10ft high elephant grass, and by 1944 when it was visited by his grandson Noel Kelly two thirds had been developed  The farm grew its own fruit and vegetables and obtained its meat by a weekly hunt of local wild boar and deer. The farm was very remote and the nearest hill station was Naintal which was occupied by no less than five boarding schools, two schools for boys, Sherwood and St Joseph and three schools for girls.  The Parsons’ boys went to Sherwood School. The only Europeans in the vicinity were in the Franciscan Missionary nearby and they were visited every cold winter by the Irish Christian Brothers from St Joseph’s School in Nainital where it snowed. Charles left Bazpur in 1952 and went to live with his daughter Ann Scully in Cape Town, South Africa.
Charles and Ada had 3 children
Charles Henry died in Cape Town, South Africa in 1962


(1) Annie Elizabeth Parsons (b.1902). Born on 23 December 1902 in Poolamallee, Madras. Married Denis Louis Scully (b.1898) at Fort St George,Madras on 19 December 1923. They had three children, Peter Scully (1924-1924), Born in August 1924 and died the same month. Denise Scully who married …… WardPatricia  A.T. Scully (b.1933), who married John Brand, they had three children, Francis Brand, Anthony Brand and Paul Brand

(ii) Charles Henry ‘Harry’ Parsons (b.1905) married Violet Emily Pauline Dumaine in Madras in 1933. They have three children Charles Neil Parsons (b.1934). Born in Madras in 1934, David Eric Parsons (b.1939) Born in Dehra Dun on 6 August 1939 and Valerie Parsons (b.1944) born in Naintal on 6 July 1944.

(iii) Mary Ellen Emma Parsons (b.1908), Mary born on 18 December 1908 in Kirkee, Poona married in Denhra Dun on 22 August 1936 to Percy Eldridge Sampson (1905-1964), who was a Staff Sergeant born in India, died in Sidcup, UK.   No children.

Charles Henry Parsons with Ada Parsons
with Annie Parsons

(standing) Charles Henry Parsons (d.1962), Blanche Dady Henderson (1879-1961), George Henry Crampton (1865-1941), Arthur Albert Benns (1872-1939) (centre) Ada Parsons (b.1871) with Annie Parsons (b.1905), Emma Dady (1866-1908), Fulton Henderson (1833-1906), Isabella Leticia Henderson (b.1864), Maud Benns (1877-1918) with Blanche Emma Benns (1904-1983), (on floor) Anne Parsons (b.1903), Maud Peggy Colquhon (1900-1975), Unknown, Thomas Colquhon (1898-1967) 

Charles Henry Parsons and Ada Kelly
with their daughter Annie in Ooty

Ada Henderson with her husband Charles Parsons and her children
 (left to right) Charles Edward Kelly (b.1893), Annie Parsons (b.1902) on Ada’s Henderson’s lap, Ada Isabella Kelly (b.1889), Rose Mary Kelly (b.1892) at the bottom, Agnes Maud Kelly (b.1897) and Charles Parsons

Ada and Charles Parsons with their daughter Mary (?)

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