Parsons, Henry (b.c.1847) and Mary …….. (b.c.1853)

Henry Parsons (b.c.1847) and Mary ….. (b.c.1853)

Henry Parsons (b.c.1847) 
Son of
Born c.1847
Married Mary ……….  born c.1853
Henry and Mary had 4 children (1881 Census)


(I) Anne Parsons (b.c.1872)

(II) Charles Henry Parsons (1874 – 1962)
Born in Lea, Lincolnshire, 1874
Married Ada Kelly (nee Henderson) (1871-1936) as her second husband on 5 May 1902
Charles and Ada had 4 children
Died 1962


(i) Millicent Jessie Parsons (b.1901) born on 26 June 1901

(ii) Annie Elizabeth Parsons (b.1903) married Denis Scully and had two daughters, Denise Scully and Patricia Scully. Patricia married John Brand, they had three children, Francis Brand, Anthony Brand and Paul Brand

(iii) Harry Parsons (b.1905) married Pauline Dumaine. They have three children Neil Parsons, David Parsons and Valerie Parsons 

(iv) Mary Ellen Emma Parsons (b.1908), Mary born on 18 December 1908 in Kirkee, Poona married Percy Eldridge Sampson (1905-1964), born in India, died in Sidcup, UK.   No children.

(III).  William Francis Parsons (b.c.1876)

(IV).   Andrew Parsons (b.c.1878) 

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