Parsons, Mary Ellen Emma (b.1908) and Percival Elridge Sampson (1905-1964)

Mary Ellen Emma Parsons (b.1908) and Percival Elridge  Sampson (1905-1964)

Mary Ellen Emma Parsons (b.1908)

Daughter of Ada Kelly, (nee Henderson) (1871-1935) and Charles Henry Parsons (1874-1962)
Born in Kirkee, Poona on 18 December 1908
When her father retired in India, she accompanied her parents to England where they visited relatives, but not finding the British weather to their liking they returned to India and settled in a Himalayan hill station, Dehra Dun. This is where she met her husband.
Married Percival Elridge Sampson (1905-1964) at St Thomas’ Church, Dehra Dun on 22 August 1936.
No children

Percy Sampson and Mary Parsons

Mary Parsons and Percy Sampson

Mary Parsons, Mrs Percy Sampson

Mary Parsons on left, her mother Ada Henderson
and her sister Annie Parsons

Mary Parsons (right) with her mother Ada Henderson, her sister Annie Parsons with Annie’s husband Denis Scully 

Edna Holdaway, Edwin Holdaway, Mary Parsons/Simpson and Noel Kelly
Sidcup, October 1988

Mary Ellen Emma Parsons and Patricia Scully, Mrs John Brand




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