Snead, Karen Marguerite (1946).

Karen Marguerite Snead (1946).

Daughter of  Edward Poindexter Snead (b.1920) and Phyllis Marguerite Edwards (b.1913)
Born in Camden New Jersey on 10 December 1946.
Married 1. David Franklin Haywood (b.1946).David was born in Danville, Virginia, USA on 12 December 1946
Divorced in 1970.
Married 2. Thomas Page Nelson (b.1951). Born in Richmond, Virginia on 20 March 1951
Karen and Thomas had two children.


Krista Marie Nelson (b.1977) Born in Richmond Virginia USA on 26 November 1977

Brandon Thomas Nelson (b.1984). Born in Richmond, Virginia, USA on 14 April 1984



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