Watson, Frances Rachel Ada (b.1869) and Jonathan Lionel (b.c.1849)

Frances Rachel Ada Watson (b.1869) and Jonathan Lionel (b.c.1849)

Frances Rachel Ada Watson (b.1869)
Daughter of George Watson (b.1836) and Frances Olivia Oliver (1830-1896)
Born on 18 October 1869
Baptised on 10 March 1870
A teacher of Veprey, Madras
Married at St Mathias Church, Veprey, Madras to Jonathan Lionel (b.c.1849)
Jonathan and Frances had four children
Frances died


(i) Mary Wilhelmina Lionel

(ii) Minette Olivier Lionel (b.1897). Born in 1897 in Karur, Trichinoply, India. She was married in Madras to Percival Alfred Walker (b.1886) on 3 July 1918. Percival was the son of James Corneius Walker (1849-1906) and Laura Eveline Fuller (b.1857) Minette and Percival had three daughters: (i)Iris Eleanor Walker (1919-2003), born on 15 May 1919, and married Horace Maxwell Sydenham (b.1920),  (ii) Joan Elaine Walker (1924-2002), born in Bangalore on 27 July 1924 and married Peter Richard Sydenham on 27 December 1952, they had three children, Alan Sydenham, Richard Sydenham and Dawn Sydenham. (iii) Dulcie Eveline Walker (b.1928). Born on 27 April 1928 and married in Madras to Harold Joseph Miranda on 25 November 1959

(iii) Frances Ada Lionel (1891-1974). Born in India on 1 November 1891. On 18 March 1918 she lived in Hunters Lane, Madras, India.  She married Eldon Bertram Walker (11.8.1883- 12.6.1951) in the Wesleyan Methodist Church, George Town, Madras on 18 March 1918. Eldon was the son of James Cornelius Walker (1849-1906) and Laura Eveline Fuller (b,1857) and was born on 11 August 1883 in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India. He ws baptised on 31 October 1883 in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. Eldon was a Sub-Conductor, 3rd Class Assistant Surgeon on 19 May 1919, He was an Assistant Surgeon, 1st Class on 6 April 1937. He was a Lt. Senior Assistant Surgeon on 7 April 1937. Eldon died on 12 June 1951.   Frances died on 24 February 1974
Frances and Eldon had four children:


(i) Frances Elfreda Walker
(ii) Francis Alan Walker (1926-2006). Born on 18 October 1926. Died in November 2006
(iii) Eldon Cyril Walker (1923-1992). Born on 11 August 1923 and married in the Methodist Church, Richmond Town, Bangalore to Delicia Ann Cartner on 17 December 1952. They had two daughters, Donna Ann Walker and Deborah Lynn Walker (b.1957), Eldon died in February 1992 in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, UK  
(iv) Lionel Andre Walker (1919-2002). Born on 24 January 1919 and married Blossom Evelyn Ottley (1920-2004) in Madras in 1942. Blossom was born on 30 September 1920. Lionel died on 8 June 2002. Blossom died on 9 July 2004. They had three children, Annietta Evangeline Walker (b.1943), Ruth Walker and Andrew Walker

(iv) Jonathan Sinclair Lionel (b.1893) Born in Coimbatore on 17 May 1893

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