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Page 1.
Lawrence Memorial Royal Military School, Lovedale

Lovedale: 12 February 1943
Lovedale: School life (i)
Lovedale: Max Cocker (1923-2011)
Lovedale: School life (ii)
Lovedale: The Dining Room – the boys
Lovedale: The Dining Room – the girls
Lovedale: The mother
Lovedale: Cross Country Race
Lovedale: Bullies
Lovedale: The brothers
Lovedale: Military matters
Lovedale: The entertainment
Lovedale: Sweets
Lovedale: The school
Lovedale: The hospital
Lovedale: The school anthem
Lovedale: The train home
The Hendersons
The Holdaways
Grandfather Thomas Henry Holdaway (i)
Gransfather Thomas Henry Holdaway (ii)
Setback for my grandparents
My youthful father
My father joins the army
My father in the army on the Northwest Frontier, India

Page 2
Edwin joins my father
Violet’s wedding
The Walton family
My father attends his father’s funeral
My parents get married
Life in the Madras Police Force
Old Lawrencians in Madras
Lovedale, Founder’s Day Celebrations
Madras and the outback
Life in the outback (i)
A visit to Hampi
Life in the outback (ii)
Madras.  My sister Anne is born
My mother in the Red Cross during the war (i)
My parents part
My mother in the Red Cross (ii)
My mother in the Red Cross.  The Dutchman (iii)
My mother in the Red Cross (iv)
Madras.  My parents reconciled
Police Quarters, St Thomas’s Mount, Madras
Police Quarters, Fort St George, Madras
Towards Independence
Charles Holdaway gets married
I leave Lovedale forever: 30 June 1947
Photographs of Madras
My mother leaves the Red Cross 31 July 1947
Indian Independence: 18 August 1947

Page 3
We leave India
Life on board
Tilbury Dock
To London and Salford
Marjorie Johnson’s wedding
My father in India, his mother and the Bissetts
My father finally gets a ship
Salford, summer of 1948
My father begins his journey home
The Telegram
Sir Reginald Stuart Campion (1895-1982)
The Waltons
My grandfather joins the army
My grandfather meets the Lionels
The Lionel and the Edwards’ families
Thomas Lionel (1762-1819)
Frances Edwards (1808-1884)

Page 4
Lieutenant Colonel John Edwards (1776/7-1817)
Army career of John Edwards
Regiment sails to Cape Town, South Africa
John Edwards in Cape Town
John Edwards in Ceylon and India
Journey to Egypt
The Eastern desert Egypt
To Madras
The regiment in India 1803
Cannanore (1804-1807)
The Malabar Coast, India
The regiment Cannanore (1804-1807) in Seringapatam (1807-1809)
The regiment returns to Cannanore (1809-1811) and back to Seringapatam (1811-1813)
Quilon 1813
Lieutenant Peter Benjamin Mosse
The regiment to leave India 1816. The march to Madras.
John Edwards makes his will
The last Will and Testament of Lieutenant-Colonel John EdwardsMemorial to Lieutenant-Colonel John Edwards
John Edwards senior the Lieutenant-Colonel’s father makes his will
Moodovilah Coppagee
The plight of Europeans married to native women
Was he about to abandon his wife and children?
Guindy Cottage, Madras
The Lieutenant-Colonel’s children
Baptisms of the Lieutenant-Colonel’s children
Cannanore and Tellicherry

Page 5.
Frances Edwards, Mrs Thomas Lionel

Thomas Lionel (1762/3-1810)

The children of Thomas Lionel (1862/3-1810) and Elizabeth Young

The children of Thomas Lionel (1798/9-1855) and Frances Edwards (1808-1884)

Joseph Gibson (b.1818)

The children of my great-grandparents John Lionel (1843-1906) and Susan Lydia Gibson (1859-1912)

My grandmother Inez Beryl Lionel (1895-1933)

Henry St Clair, Gibson Lionel (1882-1920)

The Edmonds

My grandparents get married, 1915

A policemen’s lot (i)

The McMahon children

The Lyons family

The Walton children (i)

A policeman’s lot (ii)

A medal for Gallantry

The Walton children (ii)

My mother goes to Lovedale and Joan is bitten by a dog

Page 6
Lawrence Memorial Royal Military School, Lovedale

My mother in Lovedale

The photographs of Lovedale

Simpson resigns

More photographs of Lovedale and its  pupils

Photographs of Old Lawrencians in Madras, 1938/1939

Extract from the Old Lawrencian Association Newsletter July 1996.

Page 7
Death of my grandmother

The children told

Brian and the Edmonds

My grandmother’s grave, 1933 (i)

My grandmother’s grave, 1988 (ii)

My grandfather, Joan and Brian

My grandfather, Joan and Brian leave India for England

Salford, Lancashire

Life with Martha

Joan and Brian

My grandfather’s pension


The Boyds

Return to Scholes Street

The war

The Waltons and Holdaways in Scholes Street (i)



The Waltons and Holdaways in Scholes Street (ii)


Our first Christmas in England

School in Crumpsall, Manchester. 11+

Page 8
Mother starts work
Finances (i)
My father comes home
The council house
My father returns from the sanatorium
Finances (ii).
Tootal Road Secondary Modern School, Salford
Tootal Road:  Teachers – Mr Wilkinson (i)
French and maths
The library and books in general.
The essay
Dorothy Brown enters my life.
The school plays.
Wilkinson (ii).
The School Inspectors
Finances (iii).
The garden
Latchkey children
Proposal to adopt
My father and mother
Roy and Coleen McMahon
Roy retires
Roy dies intestate
Meanwhile back in Salford, in the 1950s
Finances (iv).
The Festival of Britain
The Sunday visits to the Sanatorium
I go to work
The office
The Civil Service Benevolent Fund

Page 9
National Service (i).
National Service (ii) Brian
Holidays in Gronant, North Wales
Solicitors’ Clerks’ Course
Stretford Borough Council (i).
I leave my Manchester employers.
Stretford Borough Council (ii)
Paris 1958.
Dorothy Brown.
Introduction to the arts.
The painting
Newquay and Cornwall
Portrait miniature
Customs and Excise
Switzerland and Germany
West Byfleet
Brian: the accident
London for me  and a new home for the family
London County Council and the houseboat – April 1961.
William Arthur Swan (1925-2015).
I find a flat in London, December 1961

Page 10
Edward William Hubert Castell (b.1936)
Helen Maud ‘Peggy’ Lancaster (1911-1974).
Hubert Joseph Lancaster (1878-1952)
Henry Edward ‘Ted’ Castell (1901-1987)
Henry Castell (1848-1915).
Wedderburn Road.
The suicide
Castell Bros.
Ted and Peggy get married.
William born on 22 November 1936
Death of Ted’s mother
The Castells’ war.
The Castells’ after the war. William and his mother go to South Africa.
Ted and Peggy build a house in Moor Park.
William’s grandfather dies
Further tragedy
William goes to Paris
Ste Maxime
William and National Service
William and the Civil Service
British Hondorus
William and Derek
The Pyrenees

Page 11
The London County Council. The Office (i).
The office (ii).
Living by the rules.
The honey trap.
Other office inmates.
Kenneth (i).
Kenneth (ii).
Alan Hummerston
Kenneth (iii).
1964. My sister gets married.
My father.
I go to live with my parents.
63 Marlow House.
The Edmonds family come to England.
Visitors and the Old Lawrencians

Summer 1965. France.
The GLC Drama Club
Anne Goddard (i).
Joan Hemsley (i).
Joan Hemsley (ii).
William – 1966. Borneo.
Italy 1966. Tuscany and Elba

Cornwall. 1967.
Switzerland. 1967
Margery Robinson.
My father’s death, 1968
Ted and Peggy: 1968.
The Crantock Bay Hotel, Cornwall and the Virgin Islands.
Belgium 1968
Joanna 1969.
Italy. 1969
Anne and Joanna
Spain. 1970 September
William and Derek
Italy. 1971.
France. 1972
Switzerland. 1973.
William and Derek.

Page 14.
Greece 1973
Fleeing Athens
The Suffolk Collection
Death of Brian. June 1974
Death of William’s mother. October 1974
1975 Watford
Crantock Bay.
The Foxes.
Ted and Joan

Page 15.
September 1974 Italy. Bologna to Venice
The Lowenthals.
Anne Goddard (ii)
The Hortons.

Page 16.
Italy. 1976.
September 1976. Orkney Islands.
May 1977: Sicily.
Mother goes to Greece with Dorothy
June 1979: Anne gets married

Page 17.
July 1979. Tuscany
May 1979.  Swan Hellenic Tour of Roman France.
Mrs Thatcher and the GLC – the first rumble of thunder.
1980 – Washington, USA
1981 – June Germany: Munich and Bavaria.
1981 – Ted and Joan, Jill and Eric.

Page 18
May-June, 1982. Aegean cruise with Swan Hellenic on the ‘Orpheus’.
October 1982. New York, USA.
Springfield, Massachusetts.
Peter Pan Tours
December 1982 – South Africa. Johannesburg, Kimberley and Cape Town
The Paradise in Cape Town
Joan’s bungalow, Cape Town

Page 19
September 1983. Outer Hebrides, Lewis and Harris.
September 1984. USA. New York, east coast cities and Niagara Falls.
May 1985. USA Arizona Utah and California – San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Page 20.
June 1986.  Switzerland
September 1986 – Aegean Cruise.
The abolition of the GLC. Pensions.

Page 21.
The GLC Heritage Collection. (for a more detailed account see p.35+)
The Paintings Dumped
I begin to record the GLC Heritage Collection
The Collection Catalogued
County Hall and the portraits, 1922.
George Sitwell Swinton (1859-1937).
The first thirteen portraits. (1889-1906).
Swinton begins his great project.
“The Assessors” by Joseph Finnemore.
Swinton’s tale continues.
The laying of the County Hall foundation stone. 1912
1912 Swinton’s portrait.
The Lalique Chalice
Coat of arms.
Malachite Vases.
The Wrestlers
Swinton’s tale continues.
Swinton bows out.
Arthur Lewis Leon (1855-1927) by Sir George Clausen (1852-1944).
Frank Hunt Loving Cup
1938 – The civic silver collection.
The Epstein Bronze
Michael Faraday.
Cleopatra’a Needle.
Emma Jane Catherine Cobden-Unwin (1850-1947).
William Roberts and Sir Sidney Barton
Festival Hall: gifts and acquisitions
1964 the Greater London Council.
1964, the Middlesex County Council.
The Wheeler nudes
Coat of Arms for the GLC.
Badges of Office
1965-1981 – the GLC portraits
1982, the final years
Banks demands to have the catalogue
The final exit from County Hall.
Banks and ‘the family silver’
The London Residuary Body
The London Residuary Body and the portraits.
The Middlesex Guildhall Collection.
The portraits finally find a new home.
Sixty years earlier.
The fate of the collection.
‘All Passes’

Page 22.
Switzerland. June.
Colleen and her wills. 1985
India. Madras and visit to Lawrence Memorial Royal Military School.
My mother in the Holy Land.
Dorothy Brown.
GLC. Fred and Seamus.
OJ (i) and the Chapel of Rest.
OJ (ii) and the Grand Life.
OJ (iii) Grapes and prison.
The London Residuary Body 1985.
Sylvia Marder, Sir Godfrey and the nonentity. 1985

Page 23.
Egypt – 18th December 1986 – 3 January 1987.

Page 24.
Death of William’s father. 1987.
Ireland, 1987
Denmark 1987.
East Germany. August. 1988
Australia, October 1988.
Purchase of 63 Marlow House. 1989.
Venice. October 1990.

Page 25.
The Legal Department of the LRB is wound up –March 1991
Retirement; the National Trust and Legal Librarian. 1991
Retirement: William and the Central Office of Information.
Florence Prato Lucca. April 1991
Mother in New Zealand, 1991
Herbert Holdaway dies April 1991.
Death of Anne’s husband: December 1991
Cornwall – Bridport. May 1992
Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Segovia, Escorial. May 1992
August 1992. Bridport.
Cruise on the QE2 October 1992 – October
My sister remarries, 1992.

Page 26.
USA Dallas, Forth Worth, Rapid City, Mount Rushmore Yellowstone, Grand Tetons Chicago, June-July 1993
The search continues. July 1993
The National Trust and CMS  (Computerised Management System).
Bregenz, Innsbruck, Verona Mantua. August 1993
We find our home in Bridport. September 1993
Purchased our Bridport home. February 1994

Page 27.
Cape Town and Wills. 1994
In Trust for the Nation
, Paintings in National Trust Houses. 1994
Prospect Tour of the Palaces and Gardens of Franconia. August 1994
Swans cruise, including Leptis Magna and Duggas. May 1995
Joanna gets married, June 1995
Sale of London flat. July 1995
My mother – 10 May, 1996.
My mother – 28 May, 1996.
My mother – 30 May, 1996
My mother – 10 June, 1996.
My mother at peace, 1996.
My mother – cremation, 1996

Page 28.
Canada Rockies, Glacier National Park USA. July 1996
Brittany. May 1997
Genoa Turin, July 1997
Isles of Arran and Bute. July 1997

Page 29.
Eastern Canada, Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa Montreal Nigara Falls. September 1997

Italy Aosta, Rome. May 1998

Belgium Mechelen Holland Maastricht Germany Aachen. July 1998

France Rheims, Chartres, August 1998

Prague, April 1999

Switzerland, Montreux, Geneva, Lausanne, Sion. June 1999

Antwerp, Rubens, Delft, Dordrecht Gouda. July 1999

France Alsace-Lorraine, Strasbourg Nancy Metz Colmaar. September 1999

Florence. November 1999

Page 30.
Switzerland, Grunewald, Lucerne, Lugano, Davos, Italy Milan. June 2000
Whitby. Captain’s Cook’s Shoe Buckle. 2000
Austria, Bregenz opera, Germany, Opera. July 2000
Swans cruise, La Rochelle, Bordeaux Porgugal Bilbao Lisbon Coimbra. August 2000
The Trafalgar letter by Henry Blackburn. April 2001
September. The garage. 2001
Renovations. January 2002
The diamond ring and the miniature. February 2002

Page 31.
Swans cruise Baltic – 2002
William’s flat sold and Ann Goddard’s final years. Julu 2003

Vienna and Budapest. July 2003

France, Normandy Bayeaux Caen Rouen. September 2003

Page 32.
Berlin. August 2004
Scotland, Edinburgh Festival, Old Meldrum, Duff House, House of Dun. August 2004
USA Art in New England with Colin Bailey. October 2004

The Civil Partnership Act 2004. 2006

Alamanno Rinuccini (1426-1499). Gilted to British Museum. 2006

Manchester and Salford. 2006

The Edinburgh Festival and Pitlochry.

Rome. 2007

Germany’s Hidden Art Rreasures, July 2007
Colleen – the will is finally settled.

Joanna and Guillaume get married. July 2007
Derbyshire’s Halls and Houses. September 2007
Grand Tour, Turin to Milan. June 2008.
Scottish Borders. June 2008
Great family get together August 2008
2009  The British Museum, the Banks Medallion and the Prefect’s Badge.
Cumbria and Clifford Country June 2009

Page 33.
Lumps and bumps. 2013
Tragedy (i).
Venice. May 2013.
Le Marche, Italy. June 2013
End of our travels.
Joanna and Guillaume
Tragedy (ii).
Joanna and Anne.
Cataracts and falls.
An ending.

Page 34.

Page 35 onwards
The GLC Heritage Collection. A more detailed account and fully illustrated together with snippets of London local government history.


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